Mansory goes too far and sends Urus Venatus into hell

Only the interior of the Urus Bronzo Zenas can be seen without eye protection

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Mansory, the respected German company known for modifying the most expensive exotic cars, pushed the boundary of body kits one step too far this time. The Mansory Venatus stands out in the most horrible way. The body kit feels like it’s coming back from the 80s era where the more you added the better you looked. But this time we are in 2023 and we have seen better executions. At least you will definitely getting a lot of attention dropping the kid to school. The saving grace, the interior is now stunning, giving the Urus an exotic feel the factory can’t possibly deliver without breaking the bank of all but a few oil-rich customers.


Front profile of the mansory venatus
this tuned urus now produces an impressive 1,100 nm of torque

The 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, gets a bump up in power to an impressive 900hp and its maximum torque to 1,100Nm. That’s nearly double the torque of the standard Urus model. This power boost makes the SUV reach a top speed of 200mph. However, with only a few places where you can legally drive at such speeds, including some portions of the German Autobahn, some might question if these upgrades are necessary and practical.

The Look…

The side profile of the mansory venatus
the widebody kit receives plenty of aesthetic upgrades

They’ve added a new hood, new bumpers, a three-exit exhaust system, widened wheel arches, a large diffuser and so many air vents you can’t keep count. The 24-inch forged “FD.15” wheels are interesting but look a bit too retro. The exterior design really is all over the place, but that may be the idea here, dress to impress!

Mansory Interior – Amazing

The interior of the mansory venatus finished in white leather
the highlight of the interior is definitely the white leather used for the seats and steering wheel

The five-seat cabin has distinctive white leather seats, and carbon fiber trims everywhere they could: center console, door panels, and steering wheel. Just look at this steering wheel and you can feel the money 😉

Pricing Details Await Release

Mansory hasn’t announced the price of the Venatus Lamborghini Urus yet. But with all the upgrades, it’s likely to cost more than the standard Urus S model. Given that the Urus S starts at $220,000, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Venatus customization costs twice as much as the Urus donor considering all this is done by hand, one car at a time.

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