Lamborghini and Ducati Pioneer Life-Changing Motorbike-To-Car Communication System for a Safer Tomorrow

The Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) spearheads the advancement of connectivity between motorcycles and cars to enhance safety

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In an era where rapid mobility has become the norm, Automobili Lamborghini and Ducati are driving change with their commitment to road safety. These two giants from the automotive and motorcycle worlds have unveiled a groundbreaking Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology, marking a significant stride towards minimizing risks for motorcyclists.

Ducati Takes Center Stage at Lausitzring

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Held at the renowned Lausitzring race track in Germany, Ducati showcased their pioneering efforts in motorbike-car connectivity systems. The event, orchestrated by the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC), highlighted its vision since its establishment in 2016. With the automotive industry exploring V2V communication, it became paramount for the unique dynamics of motorcycles to have a tailored solution.

The CMC, alongside Ducati, embarked on an in-depth study, analyzing the intricacies of accidents between motorbikes and cars. Their findings revealed dangerous scenarios where motorcyclists were disadvantaged due to obscured positions relative to oncoming vehicles. In its mission to aid this pivotal research, Lamborghini provided an Urus for hands-on simulations, bringing theoretical research to practical tests.

A Second screen to alert riders of imminent danger ahead

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Ducati’s collaboration with partners Bertrandt for top-tier hardware and Nfiniity for state-of-the-art software resulted in an innovative prototype. This model boasts an additional screen on the motorbike, designed to keep motorcyclists a step ahead by alerting them of imminent dangers on the road.

Real-world scenarios Recreated To Highlight the System’s Potential.

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During the combined demonstrations by both automotive giants, the audience was introduced to three pivotal scenarios: IMA (Intersection Movement Assist), LTA (Left Turn Assist), and DNPW (Do Not Pass Warning). These abbreviations translate into real-world situations, frequently causing vulnerabilities for motorcyclists, from intersections with limited visibility to risky overtaking maneuvers.

In their joint press release, the companies emphasized the revolutionary potential of V2V communication, integrated with sensors, in transforming road safety. This collaboration goes beyond mere technological advancement; it’s about championing the safety of every road user, setting a new gold standard in the industry.

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