This Astounding Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini Miura Blend With 500 Horses Honors Two Automotive Titans

The replica model delivers more power than the standard Miura.

Pontiac fiero lamborghini
The side profile of the Miura replica based on the Pontiac

In the realm of automotive replicas, discernment is the norm. Yet, occasionally, a gem emerges that blurs the lines between originality and innovation. Such is the case with the Lamborghini Miura reincarnation, brilliantly crafted on the iconic Pontiac Fiero chassis.

Cletus Archambault, the visionary behind this replica build, is no stranger to revamping Fieros into supercar adversaries. But with this Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini blend, the replica builder doesn’t merely replicate; it pioneers, unleashing the latent potential of the Fiero in a captivating fusion.

A Miura Soul in a Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini Body

From the outside, the resemblance is startlingly authentic. The Miura’s defining forward-pivoting hood is seamlessly integrated and fortified by steel to preserve the shape of the fiberglass. Not to be overlooked, the iconic pop-up headlights are not only a visual treat but are fully functional, reflecting the precision of this Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini rendition.

Step inside, and it feels like a journey through time. From the center console to the dashboard and door cards, everything screams Miura. With its classic three-by-three switch arrangement, the overhead control panel resonates with Pontiac Fiero and Lamborghini heritage, tailored to perfection.

Touch of Additional comfort inside

This car wasn’t constructed as a true replica of the original Miura. The original model didn’t come equipped with A/C from the factory. Instead, A/C units in those cars were installed by dealers, and the designs varied based on the aftermarket A/C system chosen.

However, the replica’s creator, Archie, and his team decided to incorporate an air conditioner to comfort its passengers. Archie, who oversaw this build, can be observed highlighting the A/C wiring situated between the passenger compartment and the rear engine bay area.

Our Thoughts..

Pontiac fiero lamborghini
the replica cars wheelbase is extended to match the stock model

While the replica kit car’s interior and exterior appear authentic, the material quality might be inferior and doesn’t compare to the original model. The builder asserts that most components, including the headlines, are custom-made. However, upon closer inspection (at the 3:46 mark in the video), one can see that some of the leather covering above the center console isn’t stitched correctly. Although we suspect that the car’s construction wasn’t fully completed at the time of filming. Aside from these minor issues, the interior is quite impressive.

A Perfectly Proportioned Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini

This masterpiece doesn’t just settle for external semblance. True to its replicative spirit, its wheelbase, extended by five inches, aligns flawlessly with the Miura’s exact dimensions of 4,360 mm (172 in) X 1,760 mm (69 in) X 1,060 mm (42 in).

Italian heart replaced by Pure American Muscle

While the Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini captivates with its visual allure, beneath lies raw, unabashed power. Hidden under the rear engine cover is the formidable LS3 V8 crate engine, known for powering behemoths like the C6 Corvette and Drakan Spyder.

It’s a harmonious blend, bringing together the aesthetic elegance of the Miura and the thundering 500 horsepower of American muscle.

Pontiac fiero lamborghini
the replica model generates more power than the stock miura

In its stock form, the Pontiac Fiero’s V8 delivers more power than the original Miura. The most potent Miura, the P400 SV, manufactured from 1971 to 1973, boasted a maximum power of 380 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 5-speed manual transmission.

However, the Miura had an impressive acceleration and power-to-weight ratio, weighing roughly 1,298 kilograms (around 2,861 pounds). While this replica does generate more power than the original Miura, it remains uncertain what its actual weight is and whether the replica’s performance is anywhere close the stock Miura.

The world of replicas often teeters between admiration and skepticism. Yet, this Pontiac Fiero Lamborghini creation is set to win hearts across the spectrum. It’s not merely a testament to V8Archie’s craftsmanship but a tribute to the illustrious legacy of two automotive legends.

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