Real City Driver

Make jaw dropping stunts while drifting through the stunning city with your cool Lamborghini Huracan!


Explore the city views in a stunning ride and skid those tires as much as you want in this awesome 3d car simulator game. Drive the stunning Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and  9 cool supercars ranging from old-school classics to modern hypercars, all unlocked for you from the first load of the game. Choose when you’d like to drive your car in the game with both Day & Night City in this game. Make sick drifts with the semi-realistic car physics of this game and enjoy watching your car swerve through the stunning and detailed city. You can also customize your car with a collection of colors that can be applied to your car body. Use Nitro to get a speed boost when you’re about to do crazy stunts. Are you ready to rule the streets with your awesome driving? Prove yourself with Real City Driver!

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Our Take On The Game!

Real City Driver is a great car simulator game, however, there is no challenge or objective for you to achieve or complete, which might make the game repetitive after playing for a while. Either way, there is a huge city for you to explore if you are looking to just drift and drive and enjoy the city views without any challenge or objective. The Lamborghini Huracan in the game is highly detailed and is based on the exact car design of the real-life car model.

Lamborghinis in this game

Real City Driver has an awesome exact replica of the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder for you to drive for FREE without any unlocking or purchasing in the game. You can also customize your Huracan with cool colors and apply a different color to your wheel smoke. However, the Huracan Spyder is the only Lamborghini featured in this game.

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How to play and get started with Real City Driver?


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer
  • C: Change the camera view
  • Spacebar: Handbrake
  • F: Nitro


Real City Driver is a free roam-based car simulator game. Therefore, you decide what you’d like to do in the game whether that’s drifting, making stunts, or simply exploring the huge city map. You can make a choice whether you’d like to drive in the morning or the night city and get those tires skidding in no time. There is no cash or money system in this game, so everything is free whether that’s a car, color, or tuning option.

Starting The Game!

  • Click on the screen to start the game. (marked by red arrow)

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Day or Night Mode

  • Click from either Day or Night button to start the session. (marked by a blue arrow)
  • You can select the button by hovering over it which will make the image of the button glow. (marked by red arrow)

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Car Selection

There are 10 cars for you to drive in this game.  All the cars in this game are unlocked from the first load and you can start driving them all. Here’s how you pick the cars and start driving:

  • You can browse through the cars by clicking on the arrow buttons on the left and right of the screen. (marked by blue arrows)
  • Click on the ’SELECT’ button to start driving in the game. (marked by the red arrow)

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That’s it you’re all set to start driving and making stunts through the city.

How to customize your cars in the game?

Real City Driver allows you to paint your car with cool colors. All the customization options are free. Here’s how you paint your car:

Car Body Car Color

  • In the car selection screen, look at the BOTTOM RIGHT of the screen to access the color customization panel. (marked by red arrow)
  • Click on any of the colors you’d like to apply to the car.(marked by a blue arrow)

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Wheel Smoke Color

  • Click on the ’Customize This Car’ button to start customizing.

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  • Click on the ’COLORS’ button to start customizing the wheel smoke. (marked by red arrow). It will open a panel with the R, G, and B sliders.
  • Use the R, G, and B sliders to get a color. (marked by the blue arrow)
  • Click on ’SAVE STATS’ to save the wheel smoke color. (marked by green arrow)

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Is there any car behavioral difference between the cars?

Yes, all the cars have different speed, acceleration, drifting, and stability values. As you have all the cars available for free, you can check out all the cars and see what cars suit your driving style.

Are there any Lamborghinis in this game?

Yes! This game has the stunning Lamborghini Huracan Spyder that you can play and drive from the first load of the game.

Which is the fastest car in the game?

The fastest car in the game is the McLaren 720S and Lamborghini Huracan. You have access to all the cars from the start of the game.

How to save progress in the game?

The game progress is saved in the browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the web browsing data or cache. Otherwise, you can lose all the game progress in the process.



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