Reimagined Lamborghini Urus Artic Truck Looks Absolute Badass!

The digital concept turns a supercar into a robust expedition vehicle


The Arctic, which is famous for being very remote and incredibly cold, is an unexpected place for a very fast and expensive car. However, in this grand icy wilderness, digital artist Abimelec Arellano discovers an ideal backdrop for his latest work – a Lamborghini Urus reimagined as a commanding Arctic truck.

Arellano merges raw power, luxury, and outright audacity to transform the formidable Urus into a polar exploration machine, challenging conventional norms. He asserts that style needn’t be compromised through the Arctic’s harsh conditions, even in the face of sub-zero temperatures. His concept showcases a supercar turned into an expedition vehicle, maintaining its distinctive elegance while showing off its newfound toughness.

Urus with added robustness

the balloon tires inspired by countach rims

His reimagined Urus features Countach-inspired, ballooned tires designed to decimate snow drifts and icy paths. It also flaunts massive fender extensions borrowed from the iconic LM002 SUV, enhancing its intimidating stature. The vehicle sports a striking red exterior that contrasts dramatically with the pure white snow, while a tan leather interior adds a hint of luxury amidst the severe surroundings. A fully equipped roof rack, including spare balloon tires and fuel cans, prepares the vehicle for any challenge the Arctic might present.

The workhorse of a powerplant remains intact

the reimagined retains the stock 4. 0 litre v8 powertrain

This is a rendering so it’s not real but we see no reason to upgrade the powertrain for such a vehicle. So most likley beneath its Arctic-resistant shell, the Urus would house its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, capable of pumping out an impressive 650 hp and 627 ft-lbs of torque. This super-SUV boasts the ability to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in a swift 3.6 seconds. Considering the low traction on snow this should guarantee some nice snow projection fireworks.

New drive modes for exploration

the perfect arctic explorer’s rear profile looks robust

Navigating this monster should be no issue thanks to the Urus’ six different drive modes, one of which caters specifically to snow. It draws from the Aventador S’s advanced handling features, such as four-wheel steering, active damping, and four-wheel drive, while incorporating aerodynamic elements from the Huracán Performante into its design.

In a world dominated by the ordinary and practical, the reimagined Lamborghini Urus Arctic Truck is a tribute to the excitement of the exceptional. It mixes luxury, power, and durability in a bold challenge to the Arctic’s relentless conditions. Observers can only hope that Arctic Trucks will recognize Arellano’s audacious concept and bring it to life. As Arellano suggests, it would make “exploring the pole rather interesting.” And considering Lamborghini already conquered offroading with the huracan Sterrato, why not an Artic edition of the Urus to compete with the, just as ridiculous, Mercedes G-Wagon square (Brabus model below).

barabus g-wagon square