Rented Huracan driver gets prison time for reckless crash

Caught on dashcam the driver was enjoying the 630HP a little too much

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On a busy street in Peterborough, United Kingdom, a reckless driving incident recently grabbed headlines when a Lamborghini Huracan driver caused a collision that will cost him a 20-month driving ban, 10 days of prison time, and 120 hours of community work for wreckless driving without insurance.

After renting a cool 630HP Verde Mantis Lamborghini Huracan Performante, the driver was caught weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed, unfortunately ending his journey by crashing into the back of a Seat Leon. The incident was captured on dashcam footage, which The Sun publication shared on social media.

Consequences of the Collision: Injuries and Damage

Unfortunately, The Seat Leon driver bore the brunt of Khan’s reckless antics, suffering a broken nose, concussion, and numerous cuts and abrasions. The incident took place on the bustling A15 Bourges Boulevard. Upon examining the shared dashcam footage, it was determined that Khan was driving at least 75mph, almost double the 40mph limit when the collision transpired.

Charges and Sentencing

Silverwood Road resident Khan was later charged at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court for dangerous driving and operating a vehicle without insurance. Following his court appearance, Cambridgeshire Police stated that Khan received a 10-week prison sentence. Furthermore, Khan was ordered to complete an extended re-test and 120 hours of unpaid work in addition to his 20-month driving disqualification.

Pc Pete Smith commented on the incident: “Khan seemed determined to use the roads like a racetrack as he drove well in excess of the speed limit and weaved in and out of traffic.”

What happens when you crash a rented Lamborghini?

the huracan performante finished in a vibrant verde mantis shade

Crashing a rented exotic car can lead to various consequences, all of which will cost you dearly…

  • Insurance Claims: Often, rental companies offer insurance coverage for their vehicles. If the renter opts for comprehensive coverage, it usually covers repair or replacement costs with a specific deductible. However, the insurance process could be more intricate for exotic cars due to their high value.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses: Should the renter decline insurance or if it doesn’t cover the entire repair or replacement costs, they’d be liable to pay these costs out-of-pocket, which can be exorbitant for an exotic car.
  • Loss of Use: The rental company could charge the renter for “loss of use,” representing their lost income while the vehicle is unavailable for rent during repairs.
  • Diminished Value: Extensive damage could significantly reduce the car’s value. Rental companies may charge renters for this loss in value.
  • Liability Issues: If the crash results in personal injury or damage to other people’s property, the renter could be held accountable for these costs. Liability insurance typically covers such expenses.
  • Criminal Charges: The crash involving specific conditions such as impaired driving could lead to criminal charges.
  • Credit Score Impact: Unpaid or disputed charges that lead to collection efforts could negatively impact the renter’s credit score.