Indian Cricket Captain Rohit Sharma Lamborghini Urus Speeding Incident Leads to Massive Fines

Sharma was reportedly clocked exceeding speeds of 200 km/h on public road

Rohit sharma lamborghini urus speeding
Rohit Sharma Lamborghini Urus Speeding

As the cricketing community anticipates India’s game against Bangladesh at the MCA Stadium in Pune on 19th October, the Indian cricket team captain is embroiled in an unforeseen scandal. Rohit Sharma Lamborghini Urus Speeding has led to him receiving three traffic tickets following reports of him driving fast in his blue Lamborghini Urus on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

While the Indian cricket team enjoyed a five-day break after their recent match against Pakistan in Ahmedabad, Rohit Sharma’s journey back to Pune after a brief visit to Mumbai became a concern. He initially traveled by a Pawan Hans helicopter from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, where he spent two days with his family.

Rohit Sharma Lamborghini Urus Speeding 200+ km/h (124 Mph)

Rohit sharma lamborghini urus speeding
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However, it was his subsequent journey to Pune that raised eyebrows. Known for his love for speed on and off the cricket field, Sharma was reportedly clocked to exceeding 200 km/h speeds, with instances of him touching 215 km/h at the Mumbai Pune Expressway. This reckless driving resulted in three online traffic challans being issued to his vehicle’s distinctive number plate, which interestingly bears his highest score in one-day cricket.

Sources from the traffic department expressed their concerns: “The Indian captain driving at such high speeds, especially during an event as significant as the World Cup, is not advisable. Ideally, he should be traveling in the team bus with proper security measures in place.”

Fans and cricket enthusiasts have also voiced concerns about their captain’s safety, given the stakes and the ongoing World Cup’s importance. While Rohit’s penchant for speed and luxury cars is well-known among his followers, this recent incident has brought forth discussions on responsibility and safety.

Rohit Sharma’s on-Field Performance Remains Constant..

Despite the off-field concerns, Rohit Sharma’s on-field performance remains commendable. As the leading run-scorer for India in the ongoing World Cup, he has racked up 217 runs in three matches, including a memorable century against Afghanistan and a powerful 86 against Pakistan.

The Indian cricket team’s focus now shifts to their upcoming game against Bangladesh. It remains to be seen how this off-field incident impacts the morale and performance of the team and its captain. The fans, while concerned, continue to rally behind their team and hope for the best in the matches to come.

Rohit Sharma’s impressive collection of luxury cars.

Lamborghini Urus

In 2022, Rohit also added the rapid-selling Lamborghini Urus to his collection. Notably popular among India’s elites and globally, this model is a hit. Rohit’s Urus flaunts a “Blu Eleos” shade, reminiscent of the Indian cricket team’s blue jersey, and features Ross Alala (cherry red) and Nero (black) interior accents. It houses a robust 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine, churning out 650 PS and a staggering torque of 850 Nm, paired with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

Mercedes-Benz S350d

Rohit’s collection isn’t confined to high-end SUVs; he also treasures luxury sedans. Among them is the contemporary S-Class S350d sedan, registered in his wife’s name. This sedan, priced at Rs 1.71 crore off the showroom, has abundant features, including leather seating, digital displays, adjustable electric seats, cutting-edge infotainment, ambient lighting, and more. At its heart is a 2925cc turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel engine, pushing out 281 Bhp and 600 Nm, coupled to an automatic drivetrain, directing power to all four wheels.


Another jewel in Rohit’s collection is the BMW X3 SUV, adorned in his preferred blue. Rohit, seen frequently with the older X3 model, has a penchant for luxury SUVs. A few reports also suggest that he also owns a BMW M5 as well.