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It has been talked about for a while already, but as usual nothing official was published about the fact Automobili Lamborghini SpA was thinking about producing an open top version of their highly limited Veneno super car … until now.

In an interview with Stephan Winkelmann he confirmed the production of 9 units of a Veneno Roadster to Car and Driver … just what we had in mind already. How the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster will look isn’t sure yet, it might just be an Aventador Roadster style roof fitted onto the impressive Veneno bodywork … but why not go all the way and make it look like a Veneno Jota…

Whatever route Automobili Lamborghini Spa will take with the styling on the Veneno Roadster I’m sure it will look absolutely stunning … and can only hope we’ll see it in Frankfurt in a few weeks, however a small detail showed up in the Car and Driver article: “the car may never be shown to the public”!?

Car and Driver did get some additional information on the Veneno Roadster, for one the engine and transmission will be taken directly from the Veneno LP750-4, so no power upgrade or changes there but a 10% premium over the closed version … price has been set at 3.3 million Euro, that is USD 4,400,000 at the current exchange rate.

So have all nine units have been sold already? I honestly don’t know, but it might be the case … is a Veneno Roadster worth this kind of money being built 9 times compared to the original Veneno being built only 3 times … with looks like this and a price at this level who cares … you don’t buy a Veneno or a Veneno Roadster as a daily driver anyway … you buy it with your heart and for the sheer passion of it.