Tuned Huracan vs. Toyota Pickup – Legendary Reliability Wins

The modified Huracan encountered a technical problem with its ECU, which ultimately cost it the race

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The Pickup truck clinched the initial race, while the Huracan secured a victory in the second round. With each contender claiming a win a piece, the outcome of the competition hinged on the last and decisive race. Reflecting on the technical challenges encountered previously, the Huracan faced an ECU-related problem in race 1, while the pickup truck struggled with grip in race 2. The organizer deemed it appropriate to modify the contest rules slightly for the final race. Despite the Huracan’s commendable performance, the Pickup truck, granted a head start advantage, narrowly triumphed.

The modified Lamborghini Huracan produces around 500 horsepower more than its rival Toyota Pickup and features all-wheel drive. However, the Pickup makes up for its lighter weight of about 300 lbs (136 kg). What seems like a very unfair race was surprisingly a lot closer than you might think.

The Lamborghini Huracan: 1500 HP

Videoscreenshot youtube 1500hplamborghinihuracnvs900hptoyotapickupdragracethisvsthat 228
the tuned huracan produces more power but it is also heavier than its rival here

This Huracan used in the race is unique. It is fitted with turbochargers and custom ECUs, producing a whopping 1500 horsepower from its 5.2-liter V-10 engine. The car weighs around 3,800 lbs and uses a 7-speed DCT to transfer all that power to the four wheels at the same time.

’90s Toyota Pickup Truck… It’s Not What You Think

Videoscreenshot youtube 1500hplamborghinihuracnvs900hptoyotapickupdragracethisvsthat 027
the modified toyota pickup produces less power but is lighter

Don’t mistake this ’90s Toyota Pickup Truck for a typical work vehicle. It’s been significantly modified, with a twin-turbo LS engine boasting 900 horsepower. This Pickup Truck also offers a fast, two-gear racing transmission that sends power to the rear wheels. Additionally, it also features drag radials and weighs around 3,500 lbs.

Race 1: Trucks WINS!

Videoscreenshot youtube 1500hplamborghinihuracnvs900hptoyotapickupdragracethisvsthat 1027
the hiracan is quicker at the starting line

Although the Huracan had a great start in the first run, it reached insane speed quickly but fell victim to “Fuel Safety” mode, cutting power and allowing the Pickup Truck to gain ground and cross the finish line first.


Videoscreenshot youtube 1500hplamborghinihuracnvs900hptoyotapickupdragracethisvsthat 1229
the huracan wins round 2 without breaking a sweat

In the second race, the Huracan again took an early lead, demonstrating its superior acceleration compared to the Pickup Truck. The Pickup Truck made a valiant effort to close the gap midway through but struggled to maintain grip despite it getting slick racing tires (the scenario would have been different if it featured a four-wheel drive configuration). The Huracan encountered further issues with its electronic control unit (ECU), yet the driver skillfully overcame these obstacles and won this time.

Despite each vehicle grappling with its unique challenges, they both performed admirably, even though neither could boast a flawless race.

Race 3: Final Race

Videoscreenshot youtube 1500hplamborghinihuracnvs900hptoyotapickupdragracethisvsthat 1353
the toyota pickup truck got a head start in the third and final race

The Toyota receives a head start in the third and final race having each secured a victory; the deciding outcome of this contest would hinge on the final third race. Acknowledging the previous challenges faced by both competitors, the organizer adjusted the regulations ahead of the race, and the finish line was notably shortened to just 500 feet (152 meters). To balance the competition, a minor head start was granted to the Japanese vehicle.

The Toyota pickup truck swiftly seized the advantage right from the outset. Despite the Huracan nearly closing the gap mid-race, the truck deftly ensured its victory, triumphing thoroughly and squarely.