1500 Hp Lamborghini Murcielago By Liberty Walks Is An Insane Drift Machine

The car generates a staggering 1500 horsepower and is set to be unveiled on July 16th, 2023.

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Car tuning company Liberty Walk has transformed a Lamborghini Murcielago into an astonishingly powerful drift car. Kato Wataru, the founder of Liberty Walk, recently spilled the beans about this unique project. This Murcielago isn’t your everyday Lamborghini; Liberty Walk has significantly ramped up its power. The team added a massive turbocharger, rocketing the car to a staggering 1500 horsepower.

Design inspired by multiple modern Lamborghinis…

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the car takes styling hints from revuelto and the huracan sto

Liberty Walk gave us a peek at potential designs with computer renderings earlier this year. Now, we can see the real deal. The car sports an eye-catching blue and black design that commands attention. It has hints of the Lamborghini Revuelto, yet it also boasts unique characteristics. A matte finish, a vented hood reminiscent of the Huracan STO, and a racing-inspired roof scoop all create a unique look. The rear fin, reminiscent of those found on Le Man’s race cars, adds to the car’s aggressive look.

The turbocharged Powertrain will produce 1500-horses and shoot flames

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the tuners have transformed this car into a rear-wheel drive from all-wheel drive

While Liberty Walk keeps some secrets about the engine and turbo, the general belief is that they’ve converted the car to drive only its rear wheels. Rumors also suggest that this drift machine will generate close to 1500 Hp of peak power, which is a colossal amount of power compared to what the stock Murcialego used to make from its 6.5 Liter V12.

The latest photos also show two coil springs on each rear wheel and unique radiators and coolers designed to prevent the engine from overheating during drifts. They’ve widened the car’s wheel track for better drifting, and a specially designed tube could spew flames from the back of the car when running at top speed.

Debuting this July 16th

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the car will perform live drifting at its unveiling event in japan

Kato has scheduled a grand reveal for the car on July 16 at a car drifting event in Japan, where he promises to demonstrate its thrilling drift performance live.

Everyone hopes the car will be ready without glitches as the debut approaches. Regardless of individual taste, it’s hard to deny the coolness factor of this Murcielago that can perform spectacular drifts and potentially shoot flames. The 1500-horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago by Liberty Walk promises to be an exciting spectacle and certainly will make some waves in the world of drift cars.

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