Lamborghini Murciélago by Premier4509 – Guide

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The Lamborghini Murciélago is still an amazing looking car, especially when finished in some bright color, however black has been a very successful tint over the last years too, making this Sant’Agata flagship look even more intimidating.

But what do you do when you discover your neighbor just drove up in a car that looks surprisingly similar to yours ?

You modify yours, and that’s exactly what the owner of this black Bull has done, not only to differentiate his car from the other Raging Bulls around, but to make a bold statement about it.

You should know that this cars is located in Singapore, and a standard Murciélago LP640 is a whopping US $ 900,000 over there, so the Bulls are rare over there.

However, this car left the factory in stock version, but it got modified over the years into something really amazing, the main attraction on this car is the very special Premier4509 body kit, Premier4509 is actually a division of Veilside, a well known tuner in the scene, a BF Performance rear wing completes the outside transformation of this amazing Bull.

You must admit that the Premier4509 kit took a strong hint from the Lamborghini Reventón, boasting a similar angular approach to the front spoiler and adding several extra air outlets to the standard bodywork of this pre-LP640 model of the V12 flagship, by the way, Premier4509 also has a similar kit available for the Gallardo in case you are interested.

Naturally this black car also received an ECU calibration from DMS, Larini Club Sport exhaust with the amazing BF Performance tip and Larini Ceramic Coated 200 cell Sports Cats, combined with again some K&N Sport filters the power output of this 2005 Murciélago went up to 625-630 Hp.

The ‘Nighthawk’ also received upgraded Hermera wheels only a few months before these photos were taken, replacing the original Hercules rims, again painted in black to complement the matte black exterior of this fighter.

On the inside we’ll find a 33-piece Carbon Fiber set from Robson Carbon in Singapore, which was listed at no less than US $ 5,500. The entire leather interior (including the roof lining) has been refurbished to a stunning two tone diamond cross stitched leather package as available on the LP640 known as Q-Citura.

The ‘Nighthawk’ also features a genuine LP640 Tail light conversion, which was the first ever attempt to be done in Singapore. Looking for the right experienced panel beater was a real pain and no one dared take on the responsibility in case if anything went wrong during the conversion process.

Didn’t help that no one globally had documented a step by step method of conversion on this kind before, so it was pretty much taking a huge risk for the owner to be the first person doing the taillight conversion, but the result is surely amazing.

So how did he get that beautiful matte finish on his Lamborghini ?

‘I did a complete matte black body wrap a few months ago. I think the material brand is called Oracal which is manufactured in Germany. Although there are several brands of these 3M for car wraps available, I was told that Oracal was best suited for Asian Climates as it can withstand the highest of temperatures which is about 80 plus degrees Celsius.’ according to the owner.

He also stated : ‘I’ve had no problems with the 3M to date except for the few very tiny stone chips which has appeared at the front bumper. The solution to that was to wrap another 3M over the first layer. Therefore more durable and less visible to stone chips at high speeds which over time cannot be avoided.’, a very interesting concept for fellow owners considering this kind of treatment on their Lamborghini.

Do remember that it cost about US $2,600 to do the initial complete wrap, however the owner continued : ‘The following wraps were additional charges depending on how much material and labor was used. My base color is yellow which makes every imperfection of the wrap extremely obvious and visible.’

So think about it when contacting your body shop for a similar look on your Raging Bull.

The owner of ‘Nighthawk’ is however contemplating to have his car re sprayed in matte black so that he doesn’t have to deal with the 3M maintenance and it’s something that is a lot more permanent. A paint job like that would of course set him back another US $7,000 back in Singapore (without including costs of removing and re-installation of body parts).

It is safe to say that this amazing Lamborghini is a great source of joy for its owners, and he paved the way for other owners to take the Bull by the horns, in 2007 there were more Lamborghini’s sold in Singapore than Ferrari’s, and this trend doesn’t seem to be any different in 2008, so expect to see some more Raging Bulls on the road out there in Asia.