2008 European Motor Show Brussels

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Perhaps not as important as the Geneva Auto Show, the Brussels Motor Show draws about 800,000 visitors bi-annually, it is considered one of the major automotive events in Belgium, and it does feature a premiere now and than.

Note that the amazing Lamborghini Miura Roadster prototype was first shown to the public during the 1968 Brussels Auto Show but unfortunately the 2008 edition didn’t bring any major news from Sant’Agata, the very stylish stand was finished in the trademark black looks with an amazing looking black metallic Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Roadster and a bright orange metallic Gallardo Superleggera, both drawing a lot of attention of the people surrounding the stand.

Thanks to the people from Lamborghini Brussels I was able to access the stand, which is normally closed to the public actually, so I could photograph these two amazing Bulls up close and share them with you.

Outside they parked two other Lamborghini’s to offer test drives to interested buyers, and contrary to what you might expect for such a small country, Belgium does have a lot of Lamborghini owners, and future owners, a very decent amount of Bulls are sold in Belgium every year. Can’t wait to see several of these cars during the next SpaItalia event which is dedicated to Lamborghini for the 2008 edition !