2012 Essen Motor Show

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Once again we were able to cover the Essen Motor Show in Germany, one of the most important tuning shows in Europe, including indoor racing and drifting, rat rods, custom bikes and highly tuned cars, ranging from those hot hatchback models right up to the most exotic automobiles out there.

This year a nice selection of Lamborghini were present on the floor, only one Aventador this time, but I expect to see many more flagship models next year … however the bright red Aventador on display looked a lot like the MY2013 edition we’ve seen in Paris a few weeks ago. Lots of clear carbon fiber parts on this Rosso shade, both on the inside as on the outside …while another giveaway were the optional Dione wheels that also were present on this V12 exotic in Essen.

A bit of a surprise in Hall 1 … we came eye to eye with an intimidating black Gallardo Super Trofeo race car, which happened to be for sale … listed at just a bit under €200,000 it was offered as being street legal with a GT3 conversion, including the race mounted lift system … built in December 2009 with only 900 Km on the odometer … sounds interesting no?

Scattered around in the different halls at the Essen Messe grounds we found two Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder Bulls on custom wheels, an orange one and a black one … while another display showed an original early Gallardo available for track driving.

One stand was rather crowded with Lamborghini Murciélago models … albeit none of the in standard factory trim, all were highly tuned, most of them even with special paint that is only available in very limited quantities … perhaps not too everyone’s liking, but very special nonetheless.

Tire manufacturer Hankook is always present at the Essen Motor Show, and just like previous years a custom Lamborghini was on display … this time the wide body GTV-R edition from Imsa finished in white and rolling on some of the most amazing gold painted wheels … Imsa created a car that couples a much wider stance with an overall impression that works well with the existing lines of the Gallardo.

The Essen Motor Show is still open to the public until December 9. 2012, so if you have any possibility to visit … I can wholeheartedly recommend you do … this show is simply amazing … on so many levels.