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A lot of text has been written about the successor to the by now aging Lamborghini Gallardo mode, the new Ferrari 458 is a great success and a serious competitor to the V10 Raging Bull, so a replacement is due to be taking place soon … however some sources state that this will only happen in 2013.

A name for this new model has been going round too, the Cabrera, probably again using a V10 engine and putting at least 600 Bhp onto the road using the well known four wheel drive system adopted to all Lamborghini models at this time except the limited edition LP550-2 Balboni special.

Last year in Paris we could admire the Sesto Elemento, a concept car made completely from carbon fiber and showing a rather low curb weight, the way forward according to Automobili Lamborghini SpA, which they also show with the brand new Aventador flagship.

So if you take the Sesto Elemento and mix it with some genes from the Gallardo LP570-4 you might end up with something like we show you on these pages … the rear might seem a bit high, but that was also the impression we got from the Sesto Elemento, and still people were raving about it.

It might not be a bad idea from Automobili Lamborghini SpA to release something as radical as this rendering, it will offset the Raging Bull from anything on the market by at least several years … and if you look at the design it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine a Spyder version either.

Most likely we will be seeing some kind of special edition Gallardo at the IAA in Frankfurt in a few weeks, somehow I don’t expect the Gallardo successor to be ready by then, so we’ll have to wait some more … either Lamborghini releases a Gallardo successor in Geneva next year, or an Aventador Roadster will see the light of day in 2012 in Switzerland and the Cabrera (or whatever they will call it) will come in 2013 only.

My personal view : the Aventador LP700-4 is selling very well at the moment, so a Roadster version isn’t required at this moment, so I would put a new V10 in Geneva in 2012, an Estoque production in Paris in 2012 and the V12 flagship Roadster in Geneva in 2013 with the Cabrera Spyder at the IAA in 2013 …. sounds good no ?