2024 Ares Panther Is An Exclusive Supercar Hiding Lamborghini Huracan’s V10 Under Its Skin

This rare supercar incorporates extensive carbon fibre and features an interior inspired by retro styling

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With the uncertain fate of De Tomaso’s revival, the Italian coachbuilder Ares has seized the opportunity to create a masterpiece. Called the Panther Evo, this stunning supercar revives the 1970s icon, De Tomaso Pantera, boasting a Lamborghini-derived V10 engine and a full carbon fiber body.

The 2024 Ares Panther Evo’s journey started in 2017 when the Panther was first revealed as a design concept. Since then, it has been refined and continuously developed, culminating in this latest iteration. It borrows its chassis and drivetrain from the Lamborghini Huracan, but Ares has reimagined key elements, infusing the Panther with its unique characteristics.

Using Naturally aspirated V10 from Huracan

2024 ares panther evo showcased here
the rear profile cleverly hides the massive v10

Thanks to Ares ‘ specific tuning, the mid-mounted 5.2-liter V10 engine offers 641 bhp, a slight 10 bhp advantage over the Huracan STO. The seven-speed DCT gearbox transmits power to all four wheels, completing the 0-62mph sprint in 3.1 seconds, just a fraction slower than the Huracan Evo. The Evo offers a top speed of 202 mph.

Although the faux H-pattern gear selector might catch the eye, the Panther Evo uses conventional paddles, with the selector functioning to switch between drive, neutral, reverse, and park. It also provides a sequential function, adding a touch of nostalgic flair to a highly advanced vehicle.

A Blend of Power and Luxury

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the central infotainment screen is taken from huracan

Weighing at 1423 kg dry, the Panther Evo is 84 kilograms heavier than the Huracan STO. The Panther embraces luxury, while the latter offers a more spartan, stripped-down experience. Inside, Nappa leather and Alcantara trim join bespoke carbon seats, creating an opulent environment that pays homage to the original Pantera.

Yet, reminders of the Huracan’s influence linger, such as the central infotainment screen and digital dial pack.

Aerodynamics and Personalization

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the supercar features ceramic brakes as standard

Beyond the retro wedge-like design, the Panther’s exterior also serves functional purposes. Optimized for cooling and aerodynamic stability at high speeds, it incorporates passive dampers at each corner and comes with carbon-ceramic brakes as standard.

Owners have a wealth of bespoke options and personalization choices, from the shape and molding of the seats to cabin materials and exterior paint. While pricing and availability for the Panther Evo remain undisclosed, the previous version’s price tag hovered around £500,000, including a donor Huracan.

The Ares Panther Evo is a powerful reminder of a golden era, marrying classic aesthetics with modern engineering. Its roots in the legendary Pantera and the thrilling Lamborghini Huracan create a blend of nostalgia and excitement that only a hand-built Italian supercar can offer.

The Panther Evo is not merely a tribute but a reimagining of an icon destined to symbolize ingenuity and passion in automotive design. Ares’ dedication to craftsmanship and performance breathes life into Pantera’s legacy, ensuring that the spirit of the 1970s continues to roar on the open road.

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