2024 Lamborghini Urus PHEV Spotted Again Looks Quite Interesting and Reveals New Details

The upcoming Urus will draw lot of styling inspiration from the Revuelto Supercar

Hybrid lambo prototypes on the r

We have already reported in the past that in the next phase of Lamborghini’s electrification push, the Italian supercar maker is setting the stage to launch a new plug-in hybrid version of its popular Urus SUV in 2024. This step underlines Lamborghini’s commitment to adopting green technology, already evident in the newly introduced hybrid Revuelto supercar and the replacement model for the Huracán.

Yet, the 2024 Urus PHEV is more than an additional engine option. Spy shots reveal a refreshing new design, drawing inspiration from the brand’s latest mid-engined supercars.

Harnessing Volkswagen Group’s Electrification Tech

Lamborghini is adopting the electrified systems from the Volkswagen Group for the Urus, specially designed to work with VW’s MLB-Evo platform. However, Lamborghini is not merely borrowing this technology but adapting it to match their high-performance priorities.

The Urus PHEV is set to feature a powerhouse twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine currently in the existing Urus. This engine pairs with an electric motor and a reasonably-sized lithium-ion battery pack – a configuration that the 2023 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-hybrid flagship already uses.

Power, Performance, and Efficiency: A Delicate Balance

2024 lamborghini urus phev spotted while testing
the urus phev takes a lot of styling inspiration from the revuelto

Although specifics about power, battery capacity, and all-electric capabilities remain under wraps, the hybrid model will likely aim to offer the thrilling performance of the Urus S and Performante while enhancing fuel efficiency.

The Urus PHEV will distinguish itself from its pure petrol counterparts with a unique aesthetic. New headlights and a sleeker front bumper, echoing the style of the Revuelto supercar, were spotted in this recently spotted camouflaged prototype, which will help define its exterior.

The prototype runs on mid-level 22-inch wheel options, while subtle tweaks at the rear end suggest a more restrained design.

In the coming months, we’ll see what Lamborghini has planned for its hybrid-powered SUV. But considering the ongoing success of this model in boosting Lamborghini’s profitability, it’s safe to say the hybrid will only fortify the firm’s bottom line.

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