Lamborghini Urus to Hybrid Only by End of 2024

The upcoming Urus will most likely share its PHEV powertrain with Huracan's successor!

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Lamborghini Navetta Volante, design by Jamil Ahmed

The iconic Italian automaker Lamborghini has announced its march towards a sustainable future. So after annoucing the Huracan successor will be a Hybrid, by the end of 2024 Lamborghini will also transform its popular performance SUV, the Urus, and only offer it in hybrid flavor, preparing the brand to be fully electrified. The hybrid Urus will draw power from a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine working harmoniously with electric motors.

Rise of Hybrid Models in Lamborghini’s Lineup

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the pure hybrid model of urus was spotted testing recently

Following the launch of Aventador’s successor, Revuelto, the brand’s flagship plug-in hybrid model, Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s CEO, confirmed this shift to Autocar publications. This transition sets the Urus as the luxury brand’s second plug-in hybrid offering. The hybrid Urus will replace the current petrol V8 Urus model and remain on the market until the end of the decade.

Winkelmann also envisions an all-electric Urus launching in 2029, after Lamborghini’s first pure EV model – a high-riding 2+2 GT, set to debut in 2028.

Huracan Successor to Adopt PHEV and Abandon V10

Huracan tecnica
the huracan’s successor will likely share the same v8 unit from urus

While the Urus hybrid marks a significant pivot, Winkelmann further stated that the successor to the Huracán will incorporate a plug-in hybrid powertrain, likely derived from the Urus hybrid.

As per a recent report on Motor1, the Huracan successor will abandon its V10 powertrain in favor of a V8 engine similar to the Urus’, along with an electric motor to assist the ICE unit. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the Huracan’s successor, likely to unveil by the end of 2024, will share the Urus PHEV’s powertrain. This process is consistent with the Volkswagen group’s sharing drivetrains and technologies across different models to reduce costs.

This change symbolizes the company’s commitment to sustainability and adaptability to stringent emission regulations. Despite the hefty development costs of large-displacement combustion engines, the forthcoming Euro 7 emission standards, slated for mid-2025, primarily trigger this shift. Like other automakers, Lamborghini is struggling with the growing challenge and cost of making high-displacement internal combustion engines (ICEs) that comply with these increasingly rigorous regulations.

Why is Lamborghini Switching to Hybrid and Electric?

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before the official press conference at the 2016 geneva show the lamborghini centenario was still covered. Image copyright: disegno-s

Stephen Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A, predicts a bleak future for ICEs, particularly in the European Union. Winkelmann stated, “I strongly believe that after 2035, legislation will be so high for ICEs that it will be almost impossible for the ones with high displacement like ours to be compliant.”

He implies that even if legislation doesn’t explicitly ban the sale of new combustion-engine vehicles by 2035, steep taxes will motivate consumers to transition to electric vehicles (EVs). While synthetic fuels may sustain existing vehicles, it’s clear that the future of automotive production leans towards battery-powered EVs.

Lamborghini Commits to Building Thrilling EV Supercars in the Future

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the fully electric car from lamborghini to feature extreme high performance batteries

When asked about the upcoming future EV from Lamborghini, Winkelmann said, “It will be about sustainability, have better visibility and have the design of a very sexy car, but still immediately recognisable as a Lamborghini,.” He added, “It will also feature high-performance batteries that nobody else has and will be unique in the market.”

Lamborghini remains dedicated to crafting remarkable and emotionally stirring cars despite ICE-powered cars’ challenges and uncertain futures. The company plans to prove that fully electric supercars can elicit the same emotional appeal as their ICE counterparts. Lamborghini’s electrification journey epitomizes the balance between preserving the brand’s vibrant allure and achieving environmental targets.

A preview of Lamborghini’s new plug-in-hybrid lineup..

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by 2025 lamborghini will have 3 phev models under their product portfolio

Lamborghini is actively preparing for a fully electric era. As part of its gradual transition, the iconic carmaker plans to launch new derivatives of the Revuelto and the hybrid Urus in the coming years.

This transitional phase also includes reconfiguring the Sant’Agata factory, where they will establish specific production lines for upcoming electric models. Though the company has yet to confirm plans for a fully electric supercar, Winkelmann hints that they will likely clarify their direction in approximately three-and-a-half to four years. This timeline aligns with the anticipated new generations of Lamborghini supercars.

That said, here is a look at the latest and upcoming PHEV models that will grace the Lamborghini lineup.

2023 Lamborghini Revuelto PHEV

Videoscreenshot youtube thisisthefirstlamborghinirevueltoontheroad 320
the revuelto is the first phev model

Lamborghini has introduced the Revuelto, its first PHEV model, marking a new era for the brand. The Aventador successor employs a powerful 6.5-liter V-12 engine supplemented by three electric motors. This potent hybrid powertrain can generate a total output of 1,001 horsepower.

2024 Lamborghini Urus PHEV

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the updated urus will be the second phev model

Lamborghini is set to introduce its second PHEV model, the new Urus PHEV, soon. As the only performance SUV in the Lamborghini lineup, it’s expected to utilize a turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 coupled with a single electric motor. This combination should produce a power output ranging between 675 and 820 horses.

2025 Lamborghini Huracan’s Successor PHEV!

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this image is for representational purpose only

While specific details about the upcoming Huracan successor remain limited, it’s confirmed that the new entry-level Lamborghini will forgo its V10 engine. Instead, it will likely share the same powertrain as the 2024 Lamborghini Urus PHEV.