2025 Lamborghini Huracan Successor Test Mule Spotted With Revolutionary Hybrid Motor

The most affordable Lamborghini to feature more aggressive styling and new plug-in hybrid powertrain

Videoscreenshot youtube 2025lamborghinihuracansuccessorprototypecaughttestingonpublicroadsspiedforthefirsttime 024

The forthcoming big release from the famed Italian supercar manufacturer is undeniably the Lamborghini Huracan successor. The prototype of this much-anticipated vehicle, clad in camouflage, was caught during its test run on public roads.

Even though the Lamborghini Huracan successor was seen heavily masked, certain unmistakable details were nevertheless noticeable. Here are some essential features to be aware of that the impending Huracan successor will showcase.

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The new Design language that takes inspiration from Revuelto

Videoscreenshot youtube 2025lamborghinihuracansuccessorprototypecaughttestingonpublicroadsspiedforthefirsttime 025
the car takes a lot of styling inspiration from the revuelto

The forthcoming model showcases a clear design lineage from the brand’s Revuelto V12 plug-in hybrid supercar. It carries forward Lamborghini’s tradition of exaggerated proportions, sharp lines, and a muscular form. From the sculpted hood and sharp nose to the double-bubble roof design, the new model communicates the aggressive stance quintessentially Lamborghini.

Besides those apparent changes, Lamborghini is also saying goodbye to the Huracan’s engine air intakes and introducing more pronounced ones located ahead of the rear wheels. Inspired by the Revuelto, these air intakes bring the model a new sense of functionality. The rear end features a single hexagonal exhaust and a wide diffuser, leaving the wide rear tires partially exposed, adding a fierce edge to the car’s grandeur.

Lamborghini Huracan Successor Clever Masking

Videoscreenshot youtube 2025lamborghinihuracansuccessorprototypecaughttestingonpublicroadsspiedforthefirsttime 149
the test mule was fully covered in heavy camouflage

Lamborghini humorously tried to mask the prototype’s true nature by misleading Gallardo and Aventador headlights and taillight stickers. However, a closer inspection reveals the actual lights, including hexagonal daytime running LEDs on the bumper intakes and slim LED taillights, peeking through the stickers, contributing to an overall menacing aesthetic.

Incoming: New Hybrid Powertrain

Videoscreenshot youtube 2025lamborghinihuracansuccessorprototypecaughttestingonpublicroadsspiedforthefirsttime 106
lamborghini is testing a new plug-in-hybrid powertrain for this model

With the Huracan’s 5.2-liter V10 engine heading for retirement, Lamborghini is preparing to welcome a new era of a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Rumors suggest that the new engine might combine a twin-turbo V8 with one or more electric motors to deliver a hybrid experience focused on high performance. The model promises to churn out 850 hp (approximately), a significant step up from the current 631 hp of the Huracan Performante.

A few online reports also suggest that Lamborghini plans to offer a naturally aspirated supercar thrill at levels below 7,000 rpm with the new model. The turbochargers will only kick in at higher revs, blending the best of both worlds. The brand also plans to equip the car with an eight-speed automatic transmission which is already a part of the Revuelto’s setup.

Lamborghini’s bespoke underpinnings for Huracan

Https://www. Lambocars. Com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/lp700_rolling_chassis_01. Jpg
lamborghini will develop a bespoke platform for the huracan successor

Unlike the Huracan, which had its underpinnings shared with the Audi R8, the brand’s recent substantial profits allowed Lamborghini to develop the Huracan’s successor entirely on its own. This independent development will result in a bespoke masterpiece with elements free from shared components.

Expected Launch date

Videoscreenshot youtube 2025lamborghinihuracansuccessorprototypecaughttestingonpublicroadsspiedforthefirsttime 254
the car will likely be revealed towards the end of 2024

Lamborghini plans to take the wraps off this electrifying newcomer towards the end of 2024, with a market launch set for 2025. Although the Huracan’s production run has sold out, marking the end of its era, the stage is perfectly set for the new baby Lambo to carry forward the legacy with sustainable and potent panache.

Lamborghini’s forthcoming supercar is all set to fill the big shoes left by the Huracan, which held the title of the company’s best-seller until the arrival of the Urus SUV. Lamborghini’s commitment to high performance and relentless innovation promises a worthy successor, even more potent than its predecessor.

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