What we know about the 2025 Lamborghini Huracan Successor

Likely to feature plug-in-hybrid powertrain and bespoke platform

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At a recent preview event for the Revuelto in Sant’Agata, Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann confirmed to the press that the successor to the Huracan will debut at the end of 2024. He also comfirmed that it will be a plug-in hybrid model, a first for the entry level Lambo.

Lamborghini, known for crafting some of the world’s most impressive supercars, is finally embracing hybrid power. This move is part of the company’s strategic plan, shared by Winkelmann in 2021, to hybridize its entire lineup by 2024.

Does this mean the Huracan Successor will finally give up its V10?

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the upcoming huracan will likely utilize a twin-turbocharged v8

It’s still a mystery what will power this anticipated supercar. People are speculating whether the Huracán’s replacement will carry a refreshed version of the current car’s V-10 engine or adopt a new internal combustion solution. Motor Trend has hinted at a twin-turbo V-8. Which would make sense considering the Urus, powered by a V8, is also expected to be electrified very soon.

With the Huracán successor, Lamborghini is opening a new chapter in its performance car history. It’s joining the ranks of the 2023 Revuelto and the Urus PHEV.

However, this doesn’t mean Lamborghini is waving goodbye to combustion engines. The Huracan might swap out its bigger V10 for a smaller, cost-effective twin-turbocharged V8. It will pair this engine with a battery pack and electric motors, which will help power the car and reduce lag. Adding an electric motor will help provide power supplementation and lag reduction, which will give the upcoming car an ideal mix of performance and sustainability.

Supercapacitor ?

Although it’s too early to depict, there’s also a slim possibility that Lamborghini might opt for supercapacitors over batteries for the upcoming Huracan’s successor. Considering the Huracan is a sports car, it needs to be lightweight to provide the thrilling performance buyers crave. Lamborghini might adopt the same technology used in the Sian to maintain an optimal power-to-weight ratio without increasing the car’s weight.

Moving away from the R8 limitations

it will underpin a newly developed bespoke chassis

The successor won’t be just about new engine configurations. It will also feature the ‘monofuselage’ lightweight structure that first appeared in the Revuelto. This structure offers strength without excess weight. As the Huracan is the entry-level model in Lamborghini’s lineup, the new model will use more aluminum components to manage costs instead of the predominantly carbon fiber structure in the high-end Revuelto. This will only be possible because Lamborghini decided to make its own platform, without limiting itself to the Audi R8 platform previously shared with the Huracan.

Thank you SUVs

This is something that was unthinkable for a very exclusive and low-production company like Lamborghini before, but thanks to the economic success of the performance SUV Urus, which accounted for over half of the sales in 2021-22, Lamborghini can now afford to develop their bespoke platform.

Uncertain Launch Date

the company will likely unveil the car digitally by the end of 2024

Although certain aspects of Huracan’s upcoming successor are apparent, there are concerns about whether they can launch the product on time. With no spy shots or test mules seen yet, Lamborghini might take another two to three years to introduce the final production model.

As we have seen earlier, the company plans to unveil the car digitally by the end of 2024, but a physical reveal will require more time.

Both Gallardo and Huracan had a lifespan of 10 years.

Both the Gallardo and Huracan had a lifespan of 10 years. The Lamborghini Gallardo, the best-selling model with over 14,000 units sold, ran from 2003 to 2013. The Huracan, which succeeded the Gallardo, debuted in 2014 and was sold out by 2023. With production wrapping up on the Huracán and the Sterrato, an off-roading variant introduced in 2022, Lamborghini enthusiasts and supercar lovers may still have a few more surprises.

Goodbye Huracan – Hello EVs

Huracan ascari launch 192880 scaled

Huracan’s end of the road might be near as Lamborghini is wrapping up its production with the Sterrato, an off-roading variant launched in 2022. However, enthusiasts and supercar lovers might still witness a few more surprises from Lamborghini, just like the final edition variants they rolled out after the Aventador. Who says Huracan SVJ ?

As we say goodbye to the Huracán, we welcome its successor, which promises to uphold the Lamborghini legacy in a greener yet equally exciting future.

The Huracán’s successor not only symbolizes the end of an era, but it also ushers in a new dawn for Lamborghini, where the roars of high-revving engines mix harmoniously with the hum of electric motors, delivering unmatched performance in a more sustainable package.

Regarding Lamborghini’s future plans

The journey of Lamborghini towards electrification goes beyond hybrids. After the Revuelto and the forthcoming Huracán replacement, their next plan is to launch a fully electric car, dubbed the brand’s ‘fourth model line.’ While they haven’t confirmed the details yet, Lamborghini might release a battery-electric crossover to gain a more significant share in the expanding electric market.