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We have updated our Virtual Car Configurator with the new V10 Performante edition, and this time no less than 50 shades are available for the exterior, combined with 10 variations for the interior, either with the lightweight carbon fiber sport seats or the comfort seats, 10 different stitching colors and the option of laser engraving on the seats, door panel … and floor mats.

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Three different wheel styles in various shades and 9 paint finishes on the brake calipers … you can even virtually lower the car now too, to get that ‘lowrider’ look.

Another large number of possible options are listed in the ‘Wraps and Decals’ section, not only for the air intake in the front bumper, but also for the roof, the roof pilars and even on the side, as for the Performante script, we added a larger version to be put above the rear wheel … in style with the Aventador Superveloce flagship model.

Add the color options for the tire script and a very special livery option and the possibilities for your new Virtual Car are almost limitless … exploring them all will take some time …

Check out our Virtual Car Configurator now …