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I think we’ll be seeing 50th Anniversary celebrations all over the world in 2013, and this time we cover an event at the official dealer in Johannesburg, South Africa … where Michael, a fellow avid Lamborghini enthusiast was able to attend.

Outside the dealership an overload of Gallardo models was on display, a white Nuova LP560-4 edition, an orange LP550-2 and a bright yellow LP570-4 Superleggera while a row of three white Gallardo was parked in front of the showroom, a Nuova LP560-4 Spyder, a customized LP560 with a Superleggera front bumper and a Performante … at the entrance of the showroom a beautiful yellow Gallardo Superleggera was shown … other Gallardo including a Verde Ithaca finished one could be found on the parking lot too … the Gallardo is still the most popular model ever, so it is quite normal so many are seen these days.

The real surprise was on the inside … a beautiful Lamborghini Miura was on display inside the showroom, very rare these days and extremely expensive to acquire, especially in the near perfect Concours condition this dark blue Bull from the Sixties presented itself. The contrast couldn’t be more impressive as just behind this pristine Miura they parked an Aventador finished in Bianco Canopus, the stunning pearl metallic white shade … with a satin top coat, simply stunning.

Do keep in mind we are located in South Africa for this event, so the Aventador, and in fact most of the Raging Bull located in and around the Johannesburg showroom were rhd versions, as was the black Countach with a divine white leather interior, the red Diablo VT Roadster MY1999 with fixed headlights and custom painted wheels and the bright orange metallic Murciélago LP640.

The Johannesburg event might not by as impressive as the Grande Giro held in Italy, but the number of Lamborghini present was surely very impressive … combining the legendary Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago with the current Aventador and Gallardo models made up a very nice celebration event.