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Naturally we’ve already published an in depth article on the brand new Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4 that was unveiled at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show in early March, we even put together a large gallery on the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 Avio, a limited edition of the succesful V10 Bull that will be built only 250 times … but there we so many other, interesting cars shown during the show … both on the stands and in special, VIP areas only open on invitation … we take a look at them all.

Right next to the stunning Centenario Lamborghini showed a bright red Huracán LP580-2 on silver wheels and a white Huracán LP610-4 Spyder with an amazing looking blue leather interior with red stitching and special, Forged Composite used throughout the interior … very nice and exclusive looking.

So the Automobili Lamborghini SpA stand showed a total of 4 cars to the public … but upstairs is the VIP lounge, open on invitation only and usually for owners or future customers that are about to sign their order … and if you are thinking about getting some of those amazing Ad Personam touches added to your Lamborghini there is an Ad Personam Studio right next to the VIP lounge where the most beautiful cars are prestented.

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For 2016 the VIP lounge showcased a truly magnificent Aventador LP700-4 Roadster, finished in a very dark red, pearl metallic shade called Nero Granatus over a highly custom ordered interior, complete with Ad Personam crest on the doors, color coded clear carbon fiber and a beautiful Elegante pattern on the seats, rarely seen in the Aventador. Just about all the exterior air intakes had red carbon fiber surrounds and just to complete the look the engine bay, visible through the glass engine cover, was also fitted with red clear carbon fiber parts.

Inside the Ad Personam Studio at the Geneva Motor Show we found a matte white Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 Spyder with a luxurious looking, brown leather upholstery showing an awesome hexagon pattern and ‘Huracán’ script on the seats … again the central console, doors and vents got covered in Forged Composite here … a very nice touch.

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With six Raging Bulls in total on display at Lamborghini it would be difficult for the other stands to draw attention to them … but DMC managed to do just that, being at Geneva for the second time in a row, DMC unveiled the new Huracán Jeddah edition in Geneva, finished in an intimidating black that massive, Countach inspired rear wing looked better than ever.

Nimrod was present in Geneva too, remember the Avanti Rosso? Based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the Avanti Rosso by Nimrod was a very special looking car altogether with some serious intakes and massive wing added … this time the car is called the Avanti Toro and comes with a new front bumper design and some other modifications … according to the owner he already sold 3 Avanti Rosso/Toro.

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Let’s say you love the Lamborghini Veneno, but buying one is just a little too expensive (there is one listed for sale at €10,000,000), so the next best thing would be to get an Aventador and install those special, center lock wheels … which are available as an option from Lamborghini, called the Razze 7 wheels. But there is one downside … these Razze 7 don’t come with the carbon fiber ring as seen on the Veneno. But fear not, Mansory has just released a brand new wheel for the Lamborghini Aventador that looks very close to the original Razze 7 wheel … and Mansory does deliver the ring with them.

All in all the 87th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show was once again an amazing experience, showing some of the most exclusive cars in the world … most of them we will probably never see on the open road anyway.