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Every two years we have a Motor Show in Brussels, this year was already the 90th edition, and Lamborghini Brussels was present again, not in the Patio but in a new ‘super car’ hall at the Brussels Expo, so a visit from us was required naturally.

And by getting a VIP entry ticket I was able to attend the show a day before the doors would open for the general public, so there wasn’t a crowd yet, perfect for getting some nice photos. The doors opened for professionals and VIP guests at 10am, so I was there right from the start and reached the Lamborghini Brussels stand bright and early.

A nice surprise for me, the amazing looking Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale I’ve seen at Frankfurt was also present, production number 0/150 being the official factory demo car, and it looked even more menacing than I remembered from Germany a few months ago … and what’s even better, one of these limited edition cars has been sold to an enthusiast in Belgium, in exactly the same livery as seen here … Rosso Mars.

I probably mentioned it before, but I really like the new flagship from Sant’Agata, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is just a stunning looking car, menacing from every angle and most likely one of the best driving Raging Bull ever … putting down a staggering top speed without reverting to special tools required by an engineer to unleash the full power like on some other makes.

And when standing eye to eye with a Bianco Canopus finished Aventador I am speechless for a few seconds. This beautiful pearl metallic white shade with a satin top coat is just so awesome looking on this new Bull, it takes your breath away.

The car at the Brussels Motor Show was sitting on glossy black wheels over black calipers and a full black leather interior … personally I would use the standard silver wheels, perhaps a nice shade on the calipers and surely a two tone black and white interior, most likely even using a combination of leather and Alcantara on the seats and door panels … but I would settle for this show car too, no problem.

I’m sure the Lamborghini Brussels stand at the Motor Show will draw a lot of attention during the public days, the red Super Trofeo Stradale will make people dream about owning a Raging Bull with the brutal rear wing and deep front bumper while the majestic Aventador in mat white will have people discover all the little details in the angular design of this V12 flagship.

The two cars at this stand weren’t the only Raging Bulls at the Motor Show, on a classic super car stand you can admire a very nice looking, yellow Lamborghini Countach LP400S, most likely the car that has adorned more walls than any other … next to this Countach they parked a Bugatti Veyron by the way … there is no Bugatti stand at the show, but at least you’ll be able to admire one anyway.

In one of the other halls I encountered a very nice dark blue metallic Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, the original version with the tall headlights … however this one was riding on the new wheels used for the LP560-4 evolution, a nice touch.

The Brussels Motor Show might not be one of the most important car shows in the world, or even Europe, but as a car enthusiast it is always nice to have a local show like this too, and seeing the Super Trofeo Stradale and the Bianco Canopus Aventador was very welcome … a nice start of the year, now it’s time to get ready for Geneva in a few weeks …