A closer look at the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63

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I’m sure you remember the Tecnomar for Lamborghini, a 63-foot motor yacht featuring a design heavily inspired by the Lamborghini Sián, built by The Italian Sea Group, the first unit of a limited production run of just 63 units was delivered in late July 2021, with a base MSRP of €3,000,000 (nearly US $3,600,000 at the current exchange rates), and while rumor had it the first one was acquired by UFC champ Conor McGregor, no further information is available on other clients for this impressive yacht, nor if a second one has been launched yet.

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“We are proud to see the essence of Lamborghini DNA that today sets out to sail the sea with the same attitude of our super sports cars that race across the asphalt. This yacht is proof that the shared values and perfect synergy of the two teams are the key for executing excellent projects” said Stefano Rutigliano, Strategy Director of Automobili Lamborghini.

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Serial number 1/63 was completed by The Italian Sea Group and taken onto sea trials for final testing, and you have to admit she looks amazing in her Verde Gea finish, the satin green metallic borrowed from the Sián, Lamborghini’s first hybrid car available for the public, albeit also limited to 63 units, just like this Tecnomar yacht, and both the car and the yacht have the same MSRP of $3,600,000 too.

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If you look at the side profile of the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 you’ll notice the black insert took inspiration from the side air intake on the Sián, but while the latter comes with a V12 ICE coupled to a 34hp electric motor with a supercapacitor for a total output of 808 hp, this number is dwarfed by the twin MAN sourced V12 engines, 2,000 hp each … that’s 4,000 hp for a 24-ton, 63-foot yacht.

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With an extensive use of carbon fiber for the construction of this yacht, the 24 ton overall weight puts her into the category of ultralight yachts, and with a top speed of 60 knots (41 knots cruising speed), she’s the fastest yacht from Tecnomar at the time of writing, this really is a Lamborghini for the sea, and it’s not only the exterior and the design that took inspiration from Lamborghini cars, just look at the helm of this beauty, those are a real Lamborghini seats, an actual Lamborghini steering wheel, even the red cover over the start button is present, and the display is also very reminiscent of a Lamborghini dashboard pod, even the air vents are taken from a Lamborghini car.

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Behind the helm station is a lounge area on the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, a place where you can enjoy a meal or just relax a little, if the yacht isn’t cruising at 41 knots that is, but it’s a very high-end, luxurious environment nonetheless. However, if you really want to get a tan you’ll have to go to the aft where you’ll find another highly detailed area you can sunbath at, complete with 63 sign naturally … she might be quick, but she also has all the necessary amenities you would expect from a 63-foot motor yacht.

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While the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 can be customized completely to fit the clients requirements when it comes to color, upholstery, and details, you do have to start with one of three layout plans: the LOUNGE version where open space is the concept, functional and essential, with a galley fully equipped, day head for guest and storage, a big open space with lounge sofas and wardrobe, but still a private bathroom for the owner in order to have always your privacy.

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Or you opt for the ONE CABIN version that keeps the design and style of the LOUNGE version but with a galley that’s separated from the the bow area to create a king size bed instead of a bow sofa, this makes up for a forward cabin equipped with large spaces and a dedicated owner bathroom. A third option is a TWO CABIN version that offers two independent cabins as a solution to optimize space and offer the best of comfort. The master at bow has a king size bed for comfort levels seen in a super luxury hotel, while the guest cabin accommodates a couple of friends or two children, there are two separate single beds, but these can be joined together into one large bed if appropriate.

I’m not sure any of the 63 units of this Tecnomar for Lamborghini are still available, all the Lamborghini Sián and Sián Roadster are sold out, but perhaps you can still reserve a hull in this yacht series for you, so why not get in touch with your local Lamborghini dealership, I’m sure they will be able to get you the information needed to have one of these limited edition yachts built for you, but for now, let’s take a closer look at some details on this yacht in our extensive image gallery below:

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