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Talk about the next evolution in the flagship Murciélago range has been going around for years, many people were under the impression that an SV variant would be introduced in Paris last year, but instead Automobili Lamborghini SpA unveiled the stunning four door Estoque, to much acclaim by the way, as the model was very well received by the motoring press and the public.

But today a Murciélago SV evolution still remains the talk of the day among Raging Bull enthusiasts, a more powerful V12 model with some minor design details to set it apart from the regular model would appeal to many as the Murciélago is starting to age by now, being in production since 2001 (the LP640 evolution since 2006) it is surely time to start thinking about a replacement.

A few months ago a black Murciélago LP640 was seen on the road in Germany, it featured a wider front track and special measuring disks on the wheels (as seen in our NewsFlash : Lamborghini Successor in 2010), but today we could interpret this as being a test bed for the SV evolution.

It would make sense to have a rear wheel drive Murciélago SV with a wider front track, perhaps even having an SVR version for the track like in the days of the Diablo, where the SVR had it’s own racing series much like the Gallardo Blancpain will have this year.

However with the Blancpain series going ahead shortly I doubt there will be a Murciélago SVR built, perhaps to FIA GT regulations to replace the R-GT on the track, but other than that I don’t see the return of developing such a special car.

Back to the Murciélago SV however, naturally no official statements have been made, but normally Automobili Lamborghini SpA will have a new model or derivative every year at Geneva, the LP560-4 was shown in the United States, so that model is ‘old’ by now, they need something new and fresh to keep the attention on them in Geneva, one of the most important Auto Shows in Europe, and a Murciélago SV would surely draw the world’s attention toward their stand again.

What would we expect then from a Murciélago SV ? Probably going back to the alcantara upholstery would be likely, in comparison to the Diablo SV the United States could very well be receiving leather however. Rear wheel drive could be an option, but Stephan Winkelmann himself already stated in several interviews that the all-wheel drive VT system would become a Lamborghini trademark, so I’m not too sure that we will be seeing a rear wheel drive Murciélago SV in March.

A really nice touch would be to have the car available in clear carbon fiber, like the Zonda, perhaps the lower part of the body in Carbon Fiber with the rest finished in a few limited colors, like the Gallardo Superleggera which was also only available in a very limited number of colors, imagine a Murciélago SV with the lower part in Carbon Fiber and the upper part in metallic black or pearl metallic white, that would be impressive, or a matte color combined with shiny Carbon parts …

Most likely any Murciélago SV evolution would feature modified aerodynamics, a front bumper in style with the Reventón or LP560-4, additional air intakes on the body, perhaps even on the roof to keep in style with the Diablo SV, or two smaller chromed ones like the Veyron. Probably the rear view mirrors could need a redesign, they are rather large on the Murciélago anyway, also expect to see a rear wing make an appearance again, perhaps even two different models similar to the Gallardo Superleggera, who knows ?

My guess would be that the exhaust will be different again compared to the regular model and possible the rear bumper will be modified too, making it even more intimidating to look at, I do wonder if the those large ‘SV’ decals on the side will return, I’m sure that many liked them, while other really hated them, as a matter of fact on the Diablo SV they were shipped with the car so the new owner could decide to have them mounted or not.

I guess it will be a long wait for March when we can finally see if the Murciélago SV became a reality, on the other hand I think that a ‘Super Veloce’ model would make sense and keep the Murciélago selling steadily for a year or two, when a possible successor could be shown.