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In a few days the 2013 edition of the Geneva Auto Show will open its doors, first for official members of the press but shortly after that for thousands of avid car fans from all over the world … and this year has some serious promises to fulfill, a lot has been going on about new super cars and concepts from the most impressive makes out there … among them Lamborghini.

Earlier this week Lamborghini published an announcement both on their FaceBook page and on the main site : Worldwide Unveil – New Lamborghini super sports car March 5 at 11:00am Geneva Motor Show – Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland … now this sounds really interesting.

The rumor mill has been doing overtime the last weeks, talk about a special 50th Anniversary edition of the Lamborghini Aventador flagship with an LP720-4 denomination … hinting to an increased power output of 720 hp soon become overshadowed after an interview with Stephan Winkelmann mentioned a car with two doors, two seats and a V12 … which immediately made people think about a front engine GT style Lamborghini to compete with the Ferrari FF … and recently Italian based Quattroroute magazine published an article that hinted towards a totally different Raging Bull for the 2013 Geneva Auto Show.

This year we will be seeing the exotics like the Ferrari F150, the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder competing with each other for attention … however if the article from Quattroroute has it right they might all be blown out of the water by a new, highly limited Lamborghini ultra-exotic that looks like nothing we’ve seen before. Rumor has it this new Raging Bull could create the same impact as the legendary Miura back in the Sixties, which stunned the super car market at the time … filling those shoes will be a difficult task.

We’ve seen limited edition Lamborghini before, the Reventon was actually a first step into this niche market of high priced, low volume special models based on then current production models, later the Reventon Roadster came around, built in even less numbers. Up next was a concept car that was turned in a limited edition, track only model because a lot of customers put in firm orders for the $2,200,000 Sesto Elemento, and if uniqueness is what you’ve been looking for the 2012 Aventador J was just the right car for you … only one made, sold before it even showed up on the Geneva stand for a rumored $2,750,000.

Fast forward one year … the 2013 Geneva Auto Show could again be the place to be for another very special Lamborghini, Quattroroute talks about a model that is still based on the mechanics of the Aventador, but that has a totally different style … they even mention a roof mounted air intake that extends into a vertical fin running into a large, fixed rear wing.

Naturally even more carbon fiber would be used on this new model, which will be totally customized on a ‘made to order’ basis to create a personal Lamborghini for the lucky customer … add even more power into the equation and the fact only three or four will  be made and you just know this Lamborghini is intended for a special kind of owner … for one it might not even be street legal but could only be used on private tracks like the Sesto Elemento … but secondly the price might be between $3,000,000 and $4,000,000 … so in addition to being the fastest Lamborghini ever it will also be the most expensive ever to leave the doors in Sant’Agata.

So where does that leave a special Aventador 50th Anniversary edition? No official statement has been made on this, but I would think the factory still has something in store for us that will only be unveiled during the big celebration in Italy that will be held in May.

What about a front engine V12 GT Lamborghini? That seems to have been wishful thinking and not likely to happen, first up would be the production of the Urus SUV Concept as the Estoque has been postponed indefinitely and we also have to get a Gallardo replacement later this year or early 2014 … so Automobili Lamborghini SpA still has a lot of work ahead of themselves.

It seems Stephan Winkelmann was right when he mentioned Lamborghini will keep building one-off and limited edition models next to the regular production versions … we’ll know in a few days what Sant’Agata has been cooking up for us this year … if the Aventador J and Sesto Elemento are a hint of things to come, I’m sure we’ll be pleasantly impressed next week.

Based on a Quattroroute article