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After an enclosed, VIP unveil of the upcoming Lamborghini off-road vehicle in New York where invitees were forced to sign a disclaimer not to unveil any details … but somehow the details were online quickly anyway, it is now time for the first, official public confirmation that we will be seeing a new SUV reference at the Beijing Auto Show.

On April 23 the press conference in China will unveil what we’ve been waiting for all this time, a third model to be added to the line-up in Sant’Agata … and it will be a four door, four seater vehicle … but not the 2008 concept Estoque … instead a 2012 concept of a new high end, super luxurious and powerful SUV model.

Somehow you have to agree with bringing out a car like this, sure the Estoque looked amazing, and I’m sure it would be a steady selling model too, but keep in mind where the money is these days … and now take a look at the roads in these regions … being a Lamborghini owner and enthusiast like me I would probably have an Aventador in my garage by now, and I’m looking at what car to drive to work every day … over less than perfect roads, to the left of my Aventador I have an Estoque and to the right a Deimos SUV (that name has been recently registered by Lamborghini, so it could be used for the new SUV) … I would be tempted to take out the SUV you know, with all those potholes and cracks in the road (if there even is a hard paved road anyway).

So building a car that offers the luxury of the Estoque, a higher entry allowing the ladies to keep their dignity when getting in or out of your car and having a thundering performance to match the intimidating looks on the outside … and proudly wears the Raging Bull crest up front, doesn’t seem like a bad marketing move after all.

Now don’t expect to be able to get your hands on one of these big Lamborghini any time soon, this is still a concept car that will be shown, much like the Estoque four years ago, but apparently the chances of the SUV going into production are much higher.

For one it will most likely be built on the same chassis as the new Audi Q7, which will also be used on the Porsche Cayenne, but then the best part comes into play … the engine. At this moment we are looking at a V10 powered SUV with at least 570 Hp, and as the bodywork will be mostly lightweight material including lots of carbon fiber we can imagine the overall weight will not be that excessive … think about how this lady could accelerate from a stand still …

Most likely we’ll be seeing carbon ceramic discs behind some massive wheels, people are talking about 24 inch carbon fiber wheels … that would look amazing, but will these be strong enough for the roads this car is bound to be traveling, also this would mean rather low profile tires I guess … not that great for comfort in the end.

All of this is naturally pure speculation, no official figures nor photos have been seen yet, so all the writing about this car is hear-say and personal interpretation anyway … but I think we will be seeing something really special in Beijing.

A brand new model from Lamborghini that will be able to tackle bad roads, even go off-road until a certain degree … all while being seated in four body grabbing seats that resemble those of the Sesto Elemento, lots of leather, alcantara and clear carbon fiber inside to keep you happy.

And when you decide to leave the steering wheel for a while the outside will look like something from a different galaxy, making the Maserati Kubang look like a toy and with the V10 engine and light weight construction the new Lamborghini Deimos, Urus or whatever it will be called will leave the Porsche Cayenne and the new Bentley SUV looking sad in a cloud of dust.

The LM002 was the first V12 off-road made by Lamborghini, but rest assured this new Raging Bull will be totally different … concept wise and market wise … this will probably be the fastest, most luxurious car in this market segment … can’t wait to see the first photos next week.