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For those that a highly personalized Lamborghini would be just the thing to set them apart from the rest Automobili Lamborghini SpA has unveiled two stunning examples of what their Ad Personam Programme can do.

On display at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show you will find the brand new Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder finished in the trademark white livery, however on both sides of this stunning convertible you will encounter two matt blue Raging Bulls, being the Murciélago LP640 and the Gallardo LP560-4 coupé.

These two cars were made in the Ad Personam Programme, a special offering from Lamborghini that allows customers to specify just about any option and color combination he (or she) could desire, hence creating a truly one of a kind Bull for those people that consider a regular (if there even is such a thing) Murciélago or Gallardo not extreme enough and do not want to turn to after market tuners to differentiate their car from the rest of the pack.

The unique color shown in Detroit is a special shade of blue with a matt-luster finish, one of four such colors now available from Ad Personam, among them matt black (Nero Nemesis), matt white (Bianco Canopus) and matt brown (Marrone Apus), but as usual the customer can specify just about any color he wants, however Ad Personam will guide in your final choice.

To contrast with the matt shade of the exterior, the Callisto wheels on the Gallardo have been finished in high gloss black, while the interior not only features the finest, black Nappa leather on the seats and dashboard, but also on the headliner … all detailed with the stunning Q-Citura diamond stitching in a shade of blue to complement the exterior. Additional Carbon Fiber parts create a very nice look, sporty and elegant at the same time, which becomes the Gallardo LP560-4 very well.

The majestic Murciélago LP640 is finished in the same shade of matt blue and it’s Hermera wheels are also finished in high gloss black, however the interior now boasts stunning Alcantara on the seats, doors, headliner and dashboard, again detailed with the Q-Citura stitching. Carbon Fiber found it’s way into this flagship too, right up to the suede clad steering wheel.

By being able to combine leather and Alcantara in virtually any color, even mixing different shades in the seats, doors and central console and adding a few touches of Carbon Fiber, the customer is really able to specify a truly unique Lamborghini right from the factory. Within the boundaries set per model the factory is happy to comply with any requests made, given they are within the high level of quality that sets these Raging Bulls apart these days.