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We all know ADV.1 Wheel for their amazing custom rims that fit on just about every exotic car out there, the president of the company actually owns a stunning white Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, complete with bespoke ADV Aerodynamic parts this Raging Bull is a perfect showcase for some of the most beautiful wheels available on the market today … and tomorrow.

ADV.1 Wheels is showing a sneak preview of their latest CS Series wheels, a total of three sets will be mounted on this white Lamborghini Aventador … the first one are the renowned ADV5.2 CS Series showing brushed centers in combination with a polished lip.

These wheels are very impressive on their own, but what really makes this specific setup stand out is the size of them … up front we see 9.5×21 inch while at the rear these ADV5.2 grow to a staggering 12.5×22 inch … that is a full inch taller than the factory option Dione wheels, and no less than 2 inch taller compared the standard Iperione wheels.

Do keep in mind fitting wheels in this massive size shouldn’t be attempted without some serious consideration and care … ADV.1 is the first to fit these large wheels without any issues, so if you are looking into something really special, and large … ADV.1 Wheels is the place to be.