Lamborghini Affolter Diablo Evolution GTR Le Mans – Guide

Lamborghini affolter diablo evolution gtr le mans - guide - 1999 lamborghini diablo

On a mid 1999 car Show in France, the Option Tuning Show 1999 in Paris, Roland Affolter presented his latest creation based on the Lamborghini Diablo SV model year 1999.

The Diablo GTR Le Mans special was in fact a further development of the Diablo SV GTR, presented only a year earlier and based on the 1998 Diablo SV, later the GTR also used the MY 1999 as base (check out the green GTR).

This new Le Mans edition used a very special treatment for the rear quarter windows of the Diablo, they were in fact completely replaced by solid Carbon Fibre sheets with large drilled holes in them, resembling the treatment found on the very limited edition Bugatti EB110 GT S, the more powerful version of the standard EB110. The Diablo GTR Le Mans used these holes as air intakes, taking fresh air straight into the engine compartment.

The rear wing is larger and the adjustable middle part was enlarged too, the wheels on this ultra fast exotic car were the same multi-piece 18 inch ones as on the SV GTR.

Nothing is known yet about the engine modifications, but probably the horsepower output has been increased since the GTR version, how much power is now transmitted to the rear wheels is open for speculation.

As for the interior, the standard Affolter touch has been applied, the seats were upholstered in the softest leather, in a special black and yellow combination, on both headrests the Evolution emblem was embroidered, together with the GTR logo, while on the box between these seats the famous Raging Bull emblem was present. The dashboard also received the yellow an black treatment as found on the seats, for the GTR Le Mans the dashboard from the 1999 SV was used, on the first SV GTR from 1998 the dashboard was also completely redesigned, but for the GTR Le Mans this was left behind.

Orders for this Diablo SV GTR Le Mans could be placed from mid 1999, but the production would be very limited.