Lamborghini Affolter Diablo Evolution GTR Roadster – Guide

Lamborghini affolter diablo evolution gtr roadster - guide - lamborghini diablo

In 1998, Roland Affolter presented his Evolution GTR edition, based on either a Diablo SV or a Diablo VT, but at least one customer requested a truly amazing Evolution GTR Roadster …

It is unclear if this light blue metallic Evolution was built on a Diablo Roadster or on a closed coupé model that had the roof removed, but either way the result is awesome.

The same curved engine cover was mounted on this Roadster edition, but more importantly the glass roof now slided back wards underneath this engine cover, by simply pushing a button inside the customized interior.

The massive rear wing, complete with adjustable mid-section was again mounted on a totally modified rear section featuring four massive exhaust pipes mounted centrally, these Affolter Evolution models are very nicely designed, forming one line from front to rear, only interrupted by the stylish rear wing, that also included a rear view camera system connected to a flip-up screen on the central console, a rear view mirror would be totally useless with the new engine cover.

The magnificent 18 inch mono block wheels were color coded to the rest of the light blue metallic bodywork, combined with a nice upholstery featuring black leather and dark blue alcantara with the ‘Evolution’ scripting on the headrests. Also note the Raging Bull logo on the central console and the ‘GTR’ logo on the steering wheel, creating a totally custom interior for these one of a kind Roadsters.