Lamborghini Affolter Diablo Evolution GTR – Guide

Lamborghini affolter diablo evolution gtr - guide - 1998 lamborghini diablo

In 1998, Roland Affolter presented a slightly modified Diablo GT1, this time named the GTR, and based on either the Diablo SV or the Diablo VT, while the GT1 was based on the standard rear wheel drive one.

The green car seen here was based on a Diablo SV, but again, all body panels were replaced with redesigned ones, closely resembling the GT1 version of 1997. However a few changes were made, the roof mounted air intake became a single large one, instead of the two smaller ones on the GT1, probably because the standard SV intakes looked too much like the GT1’s mounted. The glass part of the roof was removed on the first GTR model, a silver car, but on a later cars like the special pearl yellow/green VT based car, the glass roof returned.

The fixed front headlight units were slightly redesigned and the small carbon cover was removed. But the biggest change is the engine cover, now using a design similar to that of the Jaguar XJ220, instead of the original straight lines, Affolter used curves for the air extractors. The design looked great, and the engine cover was more evenly integrated into the overall round design of the GTR.

The interior again used the same design as the GT1, with a more practical dashboard, and a very nicely integrated passenger airbag. The standard seats remained, but on several custom ordered Diablo GTR, race type bucket seats were installed together with four-point seat belts.

It might seem unbelievable, but Affolter was able to sell 15 of these very special Diablo, not only in Switzerland, but two cars went to Japan, and four were shipped to the United States.

For 1999, Roland Affolter intended to built an even more dramatic Diablo, the Affolter Evolution GTR Le Mans edition …

Specs for the Evolution GTR

Engine : V-12 Quad-turbo
Max. Power : 670 Bhp.
Front track : 1960 mm
Rear track : 2020 mm

Wheels front : 10,5 x 18 inch Rear : 13,5 x 18 inch three-piece rims
Tires front : 285/30 ZR 18 Rear : 335/30 ZR 18 Pirelli P Zero’s

Max. Speed : 350 Km/h.
0 – 100 Km/h. : 3,3 sec.