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On Saturday, September 1. 2007, a group of Lamborghini owners decided to end the summer season by having a nice little get together with fellow Lamborghini enthusiasts and have a drive in the stunning countryside around Gelderland in the Netherlands, they even took a spin on the German Autobahn to unleash the true power of the Raging Bull.

Some really nice Lamborghini gathered at Ekris Exclusief in Duiven where the drivers were welcomed with coffee and apple pie, before they would take the road at 9:30 for the first drive of the day, a 136 Km trip on some of the most beautiful roads around Gelderland. Each driver was given a nice little booklet with directions, so it turned out to be a kind of treasure hunt after all, you had to follow the directions to get to lunch, which was served at 12:30 at the Gallery, a nice place were some classic cars were for sale, unfortunately not all the Lamborghini made it to the Gallery.

The stunning black Lamborghini Gallardo Nera that came all the way from Belgium encountered some gearbox problems, so the owner decided not to take any risks and have his car towed away. Other Lamborghini during this event were three Murciélago, a yellow one, a black one and an orange one that joined during the drive. A nice yellow Diablo VT and a similar shade Diablo VT 6.0 were also accounted for, with a black Gallardo, a dark gray Gallardo Spyder, an orange metallic Gallardo SE and naturally the Gallardo Nera. But some of the more classic Bulls were present too, a stunning black Lamborghini Countach, a red Quattrovalvole, a red Jalpa, a dark green Espada, a light blue metallic Jarama S and a stunning silver metallic 350 GT. The latter being an US model hence it boasted the dual headlights later found on the 400 GT 2+2, but this was a real 350 GT, with a 2+1 seating arrangement nonetheless.

After lunch, the group went on the second part of the Tourrally, a total of 192 Km which would take most of them about 3 hours to complete. It would take them through the ‘Achterhoek’ and onto the German Autobahn, were speeds of over 300 Km/h were achieved this time, naturally by the more recent cars, the classic Bulls took a more scenic approach to this second stint, hence most of them arrived well behind the forerunners in the Murciélago, Gallardo and Diablo.

But all of them were beaten by the Espada in the group, the driver got lost somewhere Germany and took the first exit back to the Netherlands, to arrive first at Groot Warnsborn, a stunning estate in Arnhem were dinner would be served at 19:30. Afterward the other cars would pull onto the large drive of the castle, and they were allowed to park on the grass around it, a privilege only awarded to our Bulls.

All in all it was a great way to complete the summer season of Lamborghini events, a nice drive around the countryside, a quick spin on the highways in Germany while enjoying a great lunch and a marvelous dinner set in the best surroundings … everybody had some great fun, and some work to clean the cars after the typical combination of rain and sunshine.