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In Japan the name Aimgain GT has been seen on some of the most impressively tuned Nissan R35 GTR, Toyota 86 GT and Lexus models … usually with wide fenders and very low air ride suspension kits … but recently they joined LB Performance in their effort to modify the current Lamborghini flagship model, the Aventador.

While LB Performance both offers a standard aerodynamic kit containing a front bumper, side sills, rear diffuser and rear wing, they also have the famous Kato-san wide fender version with the riveted wheel arch extensions installed … Aimgain didn’t go for a set of wide wheel arches, but the rest of the Aimgain GT Aventador is almost as impressive as anything Kato-san has shown on the current Raging Bull V12.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

Aimgain Automotive offers the ‘Perfect Body kit’ for the Lamborghini Aventador in either FRP or in lightweight CFRP at a premium, the entire kit will set you back US$ 16,200 (or €14,900) in Fiber-reinforced plastic or about US$ 25,000 (€ 22,700) in Carbon Fiber (prices valid at the time of writing converted from Japanese Yen)

The first item in the Aimgain GT Aventador kit is a new front bumper that completely replaces the original Lamborghini unit and contains two massive air intakes and a raised horizontal fin between them, also on the sides of this front bumper, ahead of the wheels there are additional vertical intakes fitted. This bumper is available in FRP at US$ 6,000 (€ 5,500) and in CRFP at US$ 7,675 (€7,050) and can be extended with the special front splitter from Aimgain.

For $1,300 (€1,175) in FRP or $ 2,135 (€2,000) in CFRP you can add three parts to the standard Aimgain front bumper to complete the aggressive look at the front, not only will you add an additional horizontal fin to the middle of the bumper, but on either side you will have some amazing stabilization fins added … I would suggest ordering this splitter in clear carbon fiber to be honest.

No aero kit is complete without a set of side sills to lower the profile of the car even further, and naturally Aimgain has a nice set available in their catalogue, again available in FRP or CFRP for $ 2,560 (€2,350) or $ 3,850 (€3,525) respectively at today’s currency ratio.

At the rear the Aimgain GT Aventador kit comes with an equally aggressive looking lower diffuser to complete the look of this Italian beauty, the deep vertical fins of this diffuser look like they have been taken from the latest Super Trofeo race car … in FRP this part can be yours for $3,000 (€6,650) while the CFRP version is listed at $4,700 (€4,300).

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

While the front bumper, side sills and rear diffuser look very nice and intimidating you can’t deny that massive rear wing from Aimgain draws even more attention … they call it the Stealth GT Wing (nothing stealth about it if you ask me however) and it is made from 8 separate parts. Made from FRP this monster wing is listed at $7,250 (€6,650) while the much nicer looking, and lighter Carbon Fiber version costs $10,250 (€9,400) … while not everybody will like this style, I’m sure the Japanese tuning scene will love it.

With a wild looking styling kit the next step you’ll need on this Aimgain GT Aventador is a very special set of wheels … for this car they went for Savani SV65XC wheels, 9×20 inch up front with an ET value of 12 and massive 13×20 ET45 at the rear, Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires in 225/30 ZR20 and 355/25 ZR21 are wrapped around these rims while a Bold World air suspension kit specifically created for Aimgain will make sure you can ride as low as possible, for an additional $ 10,250 (€9,400) that is.

Now if you’ve never been a fan of Kato-san’s creations from LB Performance chances are you will not really like this new Aimgain GT Aventador either, but judging from the large number of LB Works Aventador we’ve been seeing lately, both in Japan and all over the world, I guess there is a large enough market for these wild aerodynamic kits anyway … so why not have the choice now between LB Performance and Aimgain.