Artist envisions the Urus as a faster alternative to the Toyota Tundra and the Ford F150

Practicality Meets Luxury: Lamborghini Urus Pickup Truck Concept Rendered.

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Artist Rain Prisk’s imaginative rendering envisions the popular Urus transformed into an extraordinary pickup truck, taking cues from Jeep’s approach (converting the Wrangler into the new Gladiator pickup). Prisk’s design retains the Urus’ distinctive front-end styling; however, it’s when your attention shifts to the rear profile with some cool rear fender flares..

With the removal of the passenger compartment, the fender flares become even more pronounced, serving as a prominent design element at the rear. The rendering even showcases a body-color hard tonneau cover enclosing the cargo bed, adding both style and enhanced security at the same time. To enhance the aggressive appearance of the Urus pickup and make it more offroad friendly, Prisk raises the ride height and equips the truck with proper all-terrain tires. While these off-road tires may slightly compromise on-road acceleration, they will provide superior traction for conquering rugged terrains in the wilderness.

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the first lamborghini pickup the lm002

While it remains highly unlikely for Lamborghini to officially enter the pickup market anytime soon, keep in mind all the big players like Ford and Ram have all created ridiculous overpowered version of their pickup trucks, Raptor and TREX, and made a ton of money on them, We also didn’t quite expect Lamborghini to enter the SUV market about a decade ago while their Huracan was actually selling like hotcakes. But fast forward to today, and the Lamborghini Urus has become a resounding success for the renowned Italian supercar maker. The Urus ticked all the boxes that a Lamborghini enthusiast needed and even proved to be a more practical offering than their two-seater Supercars. With this triumph in mind, one wonders what other frontiers the Italian Supercar brand could explore next. And that would also be a cool throwback to the Lamborghini first SUV the LM002 and some companion to the Porsche Dakar owners.

You may never know, but there might still be a possibility for a coachbuilder to cater to the desires of a select few individuals seeking to transform their everyday Urus into something extraordinary. However, such extreme conversion would require additional chassis reinforcements to compensate for any loss in rigidity resulting from the removal of the rear section. While not possessing the capabilities of a purpose-built pickup, without a doubt, a converted Lambo could exude an exceptionally cool aesthetic.

Image Source: Rain Prisk Facebook Page