In 1984 this Lamborghini Countach cost $99,500

1984 lamborghini countach

These days a Lamborghini Countach is quickly reaching the seven-figure value, especially the early LP400 narrow-body models, but back in 1984, when this red on black Countach LP500S was brand new, being delivered in Rome, Italy, the base price was about $99,500, today these are worth well into the six figures, not yet into the million-dollar roam, but that will happen in the not too distant future, for a perfect, factory original one that is, and sadly the car that’s featured in the video below has been sitting inside a garage for over 20 years.

But fear not, after AMMO NYC takes this red lady through some in-depth detailing, both the exterior and the black interior, including the engine bay, the people at Curated in Miami will pull the massive V12 from the chassis and perform a full restoration on this rare Italian supercar from the Eighties if this will be a complete concourse restoration or just a recondition to keep the originality isn’t quite sure yet, but whichever the case, this is an amazing Lamborghini Countach that will be worth a whole lot more than what they paid for her, taking her from the barn, but before Curated takes her to Miami, we can enjoy cleaning this red lady for the first time in decades in the video below: