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Back in the Eighties Lamborghini was building the ultimate exotic super car with their 1985 Countach Quattrovalvole edition, 455 bhp from a massive V12 engine showing the most angular and alien like styling the world got used to over the years with the widest tires in production at the rear, massive 345mm wide Pirelli that required large wheel arch extensions to be mounted on the Countach.

Add to this the mighty rear wing and you have the thing dreams were all about in those days, this was the car featured on just about every kids bedroom wall … the Countach was the benchmark to which all other super cars on the market would be compared to.

By 1988, when Lamborghini was celebrating their 25th anniversary (this year, 2013 they are celebrating 50 years of Lamborghini by the way) they released what would become the swansong of the Lamborghini Countach reign … the Countach Celebration edition, also called the 25 Anniversario or 25th Anniversary … intended to be a special, limited edition only … but that turned out a bit different with a total production run of 657 units, making it the most successful Countach ever (the regular QV sold 610 times while the original LP500 narrow body Countach only managed 150 units).

Today the Countach 25th Anniversary is getting harder to locate for the right price, you either end up with a car that will require a lot of effort, time and money to get back up to specs … or you will have to spend the money right way to get a perfect unit from day one … always keep in mind these magnificent V12 marvels are celebrating their own 25th anniversary these days, most of them were built in 1988-1989.

Still the car on this page is something really special, it was built at the factory in Sant’Agata back in the late Eighties, but after that it was turned into a rolling painting by Honslet … that named his painting: HORN$LET – The Painted Lamborghini Project.

This very colorful Lamborghini isn’t the first ‘painting’ Honslet performed on Italian made machinery, in fact he is also responsible for his much discussed, but rather popular Ducati-project …  Hornslet painted a limited number of Ducati 1098 bikes before he managed to turn a white Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary into one of his famous paintings.

In case you are interested, this artwork was available at Minimal Home at the time of writing, April 2013.