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Looks like the rumors were indeed true, the Lamborghini Asterion is in fact a Hybrid … the first of it’s kind for the make of the Raging Bull, the usual fuel burning engine puts down 610hp but receives help from no less than three additional electric units each delivering 100hp … bringing the total power output to an impressive 910hp … hence the LPI910-4 designation used … LP Ibrido in fact, Italian for Hybrid.

Do note the Lamborghini LPI910-4 Asterion Hybrid Coupe Concept is only a showcase of what kind of technology Automobili Lamborghini SpA could offer when it comes to alternative power sources, the Asterion is a third in a series of concept studies that started with the Estoque and the Urus … neither of which are in production … however the Urus should be built from 2017 on … but a lot can still change in the years ahead.

Less of an exotic supercar, the Lamborghini Asterion focuses more on the GT customer, a high end Hyper Grand Turismo car that offers thrilling performance while being seated inside the most luxurious surroundings … in case of this blue metallic prototype the interior is finished in a beautiful light tan leather combined with warm brown shades … very nice indeed, but a far cry from a Huracan or Aventador cockpit.

Power comes from the V10 Huracan engine combined with three brushless electric motors adding another 300hp to the package, the batteries are located near the center of the Asterion for a perfect weight distribution while recharging car be done while driving or by plugging in this Bull.

The Lamborghini Asterion comes with three different modes … the Termico ‘T’ mode which comes down to full thermal power, the Ibrido ‘I’ mode which is the usual Hybrid we all know and the ‘Z’ mode … a Zero emission running mode … when using only the electric motors the Asterion can travel 31 miles with a max speed of 78Mph … note that in electric mode the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h takes a mere 3 seconds while a top speed of 199mph is possible …  on batteries!

The Hybrid power train adds ‘only’ 250kg to the carbon fiber chassis that gets covered with lightweight carbon fiber panels … however a total weight for the Asterion Concept hasn’t been published yet.

If you take a closer look at the engine cover you will notice a three panel glass design … these panels actually change shape depending on which driving mode has been selected … each of the settings to maximize the cooling performance.

Is this the future for Lamborghini, creating high power Hybrid cars in the more luxurious GT class instead of the super cars they offer today in the two model production line? I really don’t know, but the Asterion does look different than anything else that has ever left the factory gates in Sant’Agata … Filippo Perini once again created something totally innovative for the Raging Bull.