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Did you know the Lamborghini Diablo was in fact intended to mark the 25th anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA back in 1988?

However the Countach successor just wasn’t ready in time so a massive effort was put together to create an evolution of the Quattrovalvole to celebrate this event … without compromising the homologation for the Countach, Horatio Pagani was asked to design a totally different car using the basics created by Marcello Gandini… Pagani changed the front bumper, adding a rear bumper, smoothing out the wheel arch extensions and using fins on just about all the air intakes and outlets the Countach 25th Anniversary was born.

The intention was to build only a handful of these Countach 25th Anniversary models before the Diablo would take over, but things turned out differently and this final production Countach wouldn’t stop before January 1990 after 657 units were built … and the Lamborghini Diablo took over.

This means the new V12 flagship from 1990 celebrates her 25th Anniversary in 2015, and that was reason enough for the organization behind Auto Moto d’Italia to put the Lamborghini Diablo in the spotlight during their 2015 event at the Autotron in Rosmalen.

The Lamborghini Club Nederland had a massive stand during Auto Moto d’Italia 2015, which for this year included an extra hall of the Autotron just to be able to house all the entries for this show, a nice orange Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and a black Murciélago were shown in the original hall of the Rosmalen event center … but the large collection of cars on the Lamborghini Club stand drew a lot of attention during the weekend.

Not only a multitude of Lamborghini Diablo were on display, but also a pristine looking, very rare white Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was present, together with a yellow metallic early Gallardo, a matte grey wrapped Gallardo and the classic Italian Rolls Royce … the red Lamborghini Espada Series II with those impressive Miura style wheels.

Probably one of the most sought after, early Lamborghini would be that black 400 GT 2+2, looking almost brand new while she is indeed 50 years old these days … another black masterpiece joined the stand on Sunday: the Countach LP500S rolling on those typical for the 80’s gold painted wheels.

When a Verde Ithaca Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster arrived at the show it did become difficult to keep people from admiring this beautiful open top car and try to get some decent photos of this V12 flagship of the 21st century.

But the most important Bulls at the 2015 Auto Moto d’Italia surely were the various Diablo models, ranging from the silver metallic Diablo 2WD to a bright yellow Diablo VT with the lower dashboard pod … another yellow Diablo 2WD joined on Sunday, this latter was an early model with the larger dashboard pod … and a totally custom interior combined yellow and blue leather to create a truly one of a kind Diablo.

An intimidating silver metallic Diablo SV could count on a lot of attention too, especially with those two large air intakes on the engine cover derived from the limited edition Diablo SE30 … this specific Diablo SV even had her wheels painted matte black to make her look even more aggressive.

And last but not least … a very special looking, dark blue metallic Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster with a stunning tan leather interior, with her purple hue this car was one of the most difficult to photograph at the Autotron this year … but she sure was a beauty … and she’s for sale by the way.

Once again, Auto Moto d’Italia was a massive success for Lamborghini enthusiasts and owners … in case you’ve missed this event … I will see you in Rosmalen next year.