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For the 2018 edition of the famous, indoor Auto Moto d’Italia event I had to go to a new location, the Haarlemmermeer Expo in the Netherlands, where we could admire a large collection of Italian made cars and motorcycles, either indoor inside the expo or on the large parking space surrounding the buildings.

I had never visited the Expo in Haarlemmermeer before, but it turned out to be a very large indoor space that could house lots of beautiful cars from makes like Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari and naturally Lamborghini among others, Ducati bikes also showed up … they were impressive if you ask me, I rather like those.

The show had two amazing looking Lamborghini Countach on display, Auto Moto d’Italia is a static show, no stints on a race track like Viva Italia, but still it’s great to see cars like this again, remember both cars, being the Quattrovalvole edition, are at least 30 years old today, and they still draw attention, the white one was only recently finished after a long, detailed restoration, while the well-known red one just looks pristine as she is.

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From the same era in Lamborghini history came the red LM002, truly a massive car, especially parked next to the low Lamborghini Countach, the LM002 is really from another world altogether, I don’t think an SUV like that would sell as good as the new Urus … still, I wouldn’t mind owning an LM002 to be honest.

A nice set of Gallardo also showed up for this event, an original 5.2 edition finished in a dark blue metallic with a stunning bronze finish on the wheels, but also an Arancio Borealis finished, first generation Gallardo Superleggera and a Gallardo Spyder in Verde Ithaca came to show their style at Auto Moto d’Italia.

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I for one really like the Murcielago LP640 evolution of the previous V12 flagship model from Sant’Agata, and that white metallic one looked showroom fresh, and you know I rather like white on a Lamborghini, especially Bianco Canopus, but I just couldn’t resist being drawn to a Grigio Telesto finished Murcielago LP640 Roadster with a bright orange leather upholstery, complete with optional Q-Citura stitching … simply amazing looking.

Naturally, the more recent Lamborghini V12 model was also present, a Nero Nemesis Aventador showed up, featuring an amazing looking, clear carbon fiber aero kit, but also additional SV air intakes on the shoulders and Mansory inserts in the rear air vents.

One of those rare Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 Roadster versions was also present, remember these were made only 100 times to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Automobili Lamborghini SpA back in 2013, this specific orange metallic one was made even more special by installing that beautiful DMC rear wing inspired by the Murcielago Superveloce.

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But the best was still to come … how about the one and only Lamborghini Centenario in the Netherlands? That’s right, only 20 of these 100th-anniversary models to celebrate the late Ferruccio Lamborghini were ever made, and only one of those made it to the Netherlands, finished in a rather special two-tone paint combining black and yellow, this Centenario never ceased to draw attention throughout the entire day.

I was able to photograph the interior if this rare car, naturally taking the outside livery to the inside with black upholstery and yellow details and stitching … truly an amazing car nonetheless.

Auto Moto d’Italia 2018 was a nice event, and seeing the yellow and black Lamborghini Centenario surely was the highlight of the day for numerous visitors … let’s make sure to visit the event again next year.