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During the weekend of October 28th to 29th 2000, a large collection of Italian cars and motorcycles were gathered for the 10th edition of the Auto-Moto d’Italia event in Houten, near Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Naturally the Lamborghini Club Nederland was present, they had three cars on their own section of the event and a fourth, rather special Diablo SV at the entry of the main building.

On the Lamborghini Club Nederland section a remarkable car was shown, one of a very few still original unrestored 400 GT 2+2’s which was fully driveable, finished in black over warm brown leather interior, while this car is over 30 years old, it still looked great, even the leather wasn’t in a bad state, it was used, but not yet in need of a thourough restoration.

It has to be obvious that this car was owned by someone who cared and maintained his Lamborghini to the highest degree, to preserve a car in this state is only possible if the original was built with a very high degree of workmanship and the car wasn’t abused during it’s live on the road, it’s always very nice to see a classic car like this in such an outstanding condition without restoration.

Naturally there were still two other Lamborghini’s presented by the Lamborghini Club Nederland, a very nice Diablo Roadster finished in a dark green metallic over a tan leather interior, a rare color combination on a Diablo, their third car was an early red Countach LP400 S with custom, color coded wheels, while a nice looking Countach LP500 QuattroValvole was for sale during the event.