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The 2003 edition of the Auto Moto Italia event in Houten, The Netherlands, was another big success, over 10,000 visitors made the trip the expo to admire some of the best ‘Italian wheels’ ever made.

Again some of the most beautiful cars and bikes ‘made in Italy’ were present, naturally Lamborghini’s couldn’t be forgotten here, and a very nice selection was present, both inside the expo and on the parking lot.

The Lamborghini Club Nederland stand featured no less than three ‘icons’ in the history of Automobili Lamborghini, first of all a stunning Diablo, finished in bright yellow with a black leather interior using contrasting yellow stitching.

We could state the Diablo is steadily obtaining ‘classic’ status since the Murciélago took over in 2001, especially these early models, which are quite different from the latest Diablo VT 6.0 edition.

Naturally next to one of those rare Miura, the Diablo looks very modern, a Miura is always an exceptional sight, this one was also finished in yellow, and boasted a restoration to the highest standards.

One of the most impressive views is when you open the engine cover of a Miura, the entire rear section of the car tilts backward to unveil a massive 4 Liter V12 engine.

But let’s not forget the late Ferruccio Lamborghini set out to build ‘the ultimate GT’, and a Miura is very nice, but doesn’t stand up to the standards Ferruccio laid down … now a 400 GT 2+2 does.

And the black one on display here sure does stand up to the definition of a Grand Turismo.

Featuring the mighty 4 liter V12 engine in the front, shining 72 spoke Borranni wheels and a warm ‘tobacco’ leather interior, this classic Lamborghini will probably never depreciate if kept in condition.

Not all Lamborghini’s ever built used the big V12 engine, they actually built cars with a mid-mounted V8 engine, and the Urraco was the first model issued with this engine, and the Auto Moto Italia showed an extremely nice P250 model, where the 250 stands for a 2500 cc displacement …

Finished in a very nice shade of red and using, for that time, typical gold painted wheels, this Urraco surely didn’t show it’s age, which by now is actually over 30 years …

You could also admire a very rare Diablo GT, this pearl orange metallic unit had a very nice, custom made air intake configuration on top of the roof, also the side air intakes were modified by the owner. This one of a kind Lamborghini was actually for sale at the time, asking 450,000 Euro. But for this kind of money you are offered a special Diablo GT lightweight edition, 1320 kg instead of the 1460 of a ‘normal’ GT, and a lot of bodywork modifications and an R-specifications engine pumping out 620 Hp at 8000 rpm.

If you would like to show your Italian car, or just visit the next edition of Auto Moto d’Italia during 2004, held on October 30/31, please don’t hesitate to contact the Lamborghini Club Nederland.