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Every year, toward the end of October one of the most important, Italian motoring events is held at Houten, near Utrecht in The Netherlands, naturally the 2004 edition again hosted a massive amount of cars, bike and automobilia with Italian origins.

This year they actually split the area of the event in two, on the lower level the real cars and bikes were shown, while the scale models were moved to the first floor.

Some of the cars gathered at Houten included a stunning gray Lamborghini Diablo SV, a really nice color on this model, another interesting Lamborghini present was a classic Islero … in full restoration. I admit, it would take a lot more time and probably money to get this Islero back to the shape it was in when it left the factory, but given some tender love and care, I’m sure this car would make a nice model for any Lamborghini enthusiast.

on the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand no less than three cars were parked, a nice yellow Jarama, a stunning black metallic Gallardo and an awesome red Countach QV.

It was nice to see a legendary car like the Lamborghini Countach parked next to the new Gallardo, a true Italian car from the Eighties compared to the more ‘German’ Gallardo … and the impression could only be called positive.

Both cars are icons in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, the Countach being the super car and ‘unreachable’ dream car for thousands of people all over the world, while the Gallardo will probably be the car that secures the future of the factory into the next century by creating production numbers never before reached at the factory.

See you next year …