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During the first weekend of November Houten, near Utrecht in the Netherlands was again the place to be for all those that are interested in Italian art on wheels.

Naturally the more exotic cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari were present, but what makes Auto-Moto-Italia so popular are the more ‘normal’ cars like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, but also motorcycles ‘made in Italy’ like Ducati … the best restored and brand new cars and bikes were on display during two days, and again thousands of people drove to the Euretco complex in Houten to see all this beauty for themselves.

The Lamborghini Club Nederland stand showed two masterpieces from the Sixties, the highly sought after 400 GT 2+2 model and the legendary Miura, both very expensive models these days by the way.

A bit further on there was a very nice looking black Lamborghini Gallardo parked, but it featured an amazing interior, much like the recent Q-Citura stitching.

Next to this very successful model you could actually buy a blue Lamborghini Diablo with a magnificent white leather interior, and it was for sale, so you had the chance to obtain a real Raging Bull once and for all.

Naturally there were a lot of stand to find that special part that’s been evading you for all those years, and that prevented you from finally completing that lengthy restoration of your very own Italian masterpiece, or perhaps you were looking for one of those rare factory brochures for the model you are driving.

If not, why not buy a scale model of the Italian car or bike you are driving, this would be a great idea to put on your desk, so you can admire your very own car all day long, even at work.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for inside you could always take a look around the parking lot, on Saturday a great looking silver metallic Diablo and an impressive orange metallic Murciélago could be admired outside. Even the well known orange metallic Gallardo Spyder made an appearance during the day.

Can’t wait to go back to Houten next year for the 2008 edition of Auto-Moto-Italia …