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With this third teaser shot Automobili Lamborghini SpA is giving us yet another look at what could be hidden from view at the start of the 2010 Paris Motor Show late September.

Combining the recent interviews with CEO Stephan Winkelmann and the two previous shots we can put together a few ideas of what we might be able to admire very soon, when he will unveil the car to the gathered members of the press during the conference in Paris.

Lamborghini is going for all out weight reduction, this can be seen in all three teaser shots as they all show the same material being used all over the car … carbon fiber, very strong but still lightweight, so this is the basis for this new car they are unveiling … but is it the Murciélago successor ? Some sources even state this is a look at the car that will replace the Gallardo as teaser 2 shows us 10 air vents which could mean we are looking at a V10 powered Raging Bull.

Let’s hope they will keep the legendary V12 for the flagship and these 10 vents are only to confuse us for now, my guess from looking at the first teaser is that we are looking at a mid-engined car and that first look gave us a peek at the air intakes behind the seats … which would also mean we’re talking about an open top model ?

Now let’s look at this third teaser … almost surely it shows us the dashboard of the car with the red seat in the background at the left and the dashboard cluster at the right … the steering wheel is also red in this shot and note the small triangular window at the front of the door … similar to the Gallardo door .. hence no upward opening doors that made Lamborghini famous ever since the Countach introduced them.

I’m getting really confused with these teaser shots to be honest, and let’s face it, that’s exactly what Automobili Lamborghini SpA wants us to be.

Could this be a preview of the Jota so much has been going on about on the Internet that is destined to replace the current Murciélago ? I don’t think so actually, there are too many inconsistencies in these teasers : Gallardo style side windows, ten air vents on what I consider to be the engine cover and a convertible style I recognize from the first teaser … no way they will introduce the new flagship model in Roadster shape right from the start.

My guess is we will first see a standard Coupé model, followed a year later by a convertible model and another year later a more powerful SuperVeloce edition similar to the Murciélago lifespan.

So is this a Gallardo successor ? Again rather unlikely I think, they’ve been working on the Murciélago successor for some time now, and it was introduced about two years before the Gallardo, so why replace the latter one when you can’t even order a Murciélago at this time ? Makes no sense, so I think we’ll be seeing a V12 flagship at least one year ahead of anything that could replace the V10 Gallardo.

Another rumor is the four door sedan … the Estoque we saw two years ago in Paris. But take a look at these teasers : no way we are looking at a luxurious, high power GT to seat four people in class, these teasers show a hard core, lightweight super car, not a classy GT which the Estoque, or whatever they will call their four seater, should be.

So it remains a mystery as to what these teasers are actually showing us right now, only time will tell, and we’ll all have to wait another week or so to get eye to eye with the latest and bravest ‘made in Sant’Agata’ … I for one can hardly wait to see this ‘Element of surprise’ in Paris on September 30 from 7:45am …