Aventador AvantiRosso by Milan SuperCars

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At the 2014 Geneva Auto Show we will all be able to finally admire the new Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 when it will be unveiled officially to the public, but it seems like there will be another very impressive world premiere at the Swiss car show too.

Austria based Milan SuperCars will display the extremely impressive AvantiRosso at the NIMROD Performance stand in Hall 4 of the PalExpo … under all the additional aerodynamic parts there is a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 hiding … but it has been transformed into a brutal race inspired machine.

Some might think the AvantiRosso is a little over the top, but some don’t like the Lamborghini Veneno either while the latter is a stunning car in real life, so I’m sure this AvantiRosso will leave a lasting impression on all that admire it, the first impression is the look of an endurance racer, especially with the roof mounted air intake and the massive rear wing.

In fact the air intake starts at the edge of the windshield and runs in a triangular design right into the new engine cover to supply air into the engine compartment, note that the engine cover shows a design very similar to the Sesto Elemento with a series of red finished, hexagon shaped air vents. Another styling queue borrowed from the Sesto Elemento is the front hood, which on this AvantiRosso shows the two air outlets in front of the windshield just like the limited edition carbon fiber work of art. Naturally these insets receive a coat of red paint too while the front hood shows a clear carbon fiber finish.

The front bumper from the original Aventador is replaced by a totally new unit that has been extended further forward, the air intakes in this bumper are much larger and receive a series of vertical LED lights at the outer extremities, a lower spoiler increases down force and gets assistance from a set of ‘canards’ on the side of the bumper … track inspired naturally, and showing a clear carbon fiber dress.

On top of the fenders a series of fins is inserted, functional or not it sure looks impressive, especially in their dark finish against the white main shade of this Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The exterior side mirrors look original but receive a thin horizontal line over their carbon fiber finish … which brings us to the side of this AvantiRosso. It looks like the side sill is modified at the front, just behind the front wheel, other than that the carbon fiber touch is applied and a small ‘NIMROD’ script is added just in front of the rear wheels.

Two massive carbon fiber fins are inset in the large side air intakes behind the doors of this Lamborghini Aventador while the carbon fiber finish of the side sill goes upward at the end to flow nicely into the rear diffuser forming a straight line angled up … but before we talk about the rear there is another very impressive add-on … a massive additional air intake is mounted on top of the rear fender angled inward.

Which brings us around to the back of the AvantiRosso which is now completely finished in carbon fiber from top to bottom, only the upper section of the large rear wing gets a dash of white paint … this wing is really inspired by a LeMans style race car with massive struts at the end where they rest on the rear fenders and two extra vertical fins that run into the rear fascia between the taillights … where the Lamborghini script is in fact replaced by a red AvantiRosso logo.

At the outer side the rear wing ‘drops down’ for additional stability while a the rear view camera that is usually found in the rear fascia panel went up into the rear wing for extra visibility … a very innovative hexagon styled exhaust tip is now present between the rear air outlets, which also increased in size compared to the original units, the exhaust shows a quad set of tips with a red line, just under the exhaust the typical race spec brake light using high intensity LED is mounted.

At the moment there are no photos of the interior yet, but once the car gets shown at the Geneva Auto Show I’m sure we’ll be seeing those details too, one thing that I personally would change on this specific car are the wheels … these are original Iperione rims that received a touch of red paint, but I would at least go for a set of Dione units or install some ADV.1 rims, now that would really make this AvantiRosso shine.