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Capristo is a well-known name in the tuning circuit, the exhausts from this German based manufacturer are famous all over the world, and they have been building custom exhaust systems for just about every exotic super car available over the last years … now the Lamborghini Aventador has joined the list.

Capristo managed to create an exhaust system from T309 steel that really awakens the beast inside the V12 flagship from Sant’Agata, in fact Capristo can install a remote control system to activate flaps inside the exhaust to make it sound a bit more civilized … however the German TUV still didn’t like it so they wouldn’t give a certificate allowing road use of this thundering exhaust, so in theory you are not allowed to drive an Aventador with this exhaust system on the open road … only during track days on an enclosed circuit.

On a different note this new exhaust does shave 40kg from the overall weight of the Aventador which might not sound too impressive considering the Lamborghini puts 1575kg on the scale when she leaves the factory … but every single pound saved helps, and according to Capristo the sprint from standstill to 100 Km/h is now 0.1 seconds faster compared to an Aventador with the factory original exhaust system.

Sound is one thing, but we all know looks are important too, and while we admit Capristo isn’t a cosmetic tuner they do offer an interesting package to dress up the Lamborghini Aventador … in carbon fiber, what else?

The list of parts is rather impressive, and the best news is they all fit straight onto the original mounting points, Capristo calls them OEM parts in fact, and as they are made from lightweight carbon fiber they tend to reduce overall weight even further.

At the rear of the Aventador the lower diffuser around that brand new exhaust system is replaced, the air outlet surrounds at the back, the intakes on the side of the car, the intakes behind the side windows, the original rear wing, the exterior rear view mirrors, the fins on the outlets in front of the windshield, the front splitter in the middle of the front bumper, the surrounds on the air intakes in the front bumper … all replaced by mat finish carbon fiber units from Capristo.

And they haven’t finished yet, open the front hood and the entire black sections underneath are replaced by carbon fiber ones, same thing inside the engine compartment … just about everything around the V12 engine can be carbon fiber … and while the parts on these photos all have a mat finish, it is possible to have them clear coated.

Bottom line: just about every part that can be unscrewed on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 can be replaced by carbon fiber parts from Capristo, making your Aventador look very special … keep in mind the 2013 model year for the Aventador also offers some optional carbon fiber parts, but not as extensive as Capristo however.