Aventador by kahn design - guide - lamborghini aventador

Many of us would be truly happy if we could afford buying a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in base specs, but most people that can buy this 700hp V12 flagship will add some options to the build sheet … options that could skyrocket the base price up into much higher regions … Aventador leaving the factory with an option list alone that could buy a decent house are no exception.

If you take a look at the Grande Giro organized for the 50th Anniversary of the factory you will see that for most Lamborghini owners money isn’t a problem, the number of Gallardo and Aventador cars that participated is mindblowing … in fact nearly 15,000 Gallardo have left the factory doors in Sant’Agata over the last ten years while over 1,500 Aventador have already been built … with production numbers like that it isn’t too far fetched to encounter a Lamborghini on the open road that looks exactly like the one you own … so time to make it look different.

And this is where UK based Kahn Design comes into the picture if you are looking to set your Aventador apart from the factory cars without going to the extend of installing additional rear wings and spoilers up front … Kahn Design creates bespoke cars for their clients without changing the lines of this Lamborghini flagship.

The philosophy of the Lamborghini Aventador is still the same as 40 years ago when the Countach was unveiled and this basis remained in the Diablo and Murciélago after that … a big V12 engine with massive power output in a low and wide super car with menacing looks … some things never change.

The first thing many companies out there do is fit new wheels onto the Lamborghini Aventador, a relatively low cost solution to create a different look … sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst … Kahn Design decided to install larger wheels on their Rosso Red Aventador project, 9×20 inch up front and 13×21 inch at the rear, note these are the same dimensions as the optional Dione wheels from Lamborghini.

Kahn Design calls their new wheels ‘Santagata’ and they can be ordered in Hyper Silver or Liquid Silver, either a bright silver metallic finish or a more titanium like darker silver … which doesn’t look too bad I have to admit. Also note the original center crests can be transferred onto these Kahn wheels, so the Raging Bull fits onto them.

Taking into account the dimensions of these Kahn Santagata wheels are the same as the Lamborghini Dione wheels I would make an educated guess the Pirelli tires are fitted in 255/20ZR20 and 335/25ZR21 at the front and rear … impressive widths that offer tremendous road holding capabilities.

Fitting a set of custom wheel onto a Lamborghini might not impress us anymore … but Kahn Design did take this red Aventador onto a different level when it comes to the interior … the entire upholstery of the seats, central console and even steering wheel has been customized by Kahn Design.

Just like Mansory did with their Aventador LP1250, Kahn Design has changed the stitching pattern on the seats and steering wheel. The seats have been removed from the car and the original leather taken off, after that Kahn Design created a totally bespoke pattern on the seat and the backrest using ultra soft black leather combined with white stitching … also note the base of the seats get covered in reversed leather.

The same reversed leather is used on the steering wheel, the central console and the dashboard pod, all using the same white stitching to make a difference … but not make it too obvious … this is tuning and customizing to create a one of a kind Aventador without making it shout too loud.