Aventador by mvm automotive design - 2014 lamborghini aventador
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Let’s say you really like the looks of the Aventador LP720-4 but missed out on the production run of only 100 units each for the Coupé and the Roadster, while the prospect of paying a serious premium to acquire one today isn’t really up your alley … in that case MVM Automotive Design might offer just the right option for you.

MVM Automotive Design has been creating a very nice albeit aggressive looking aerodynamic kit for both the Aventador and the Aventador Roadster … and you can’t really miss the obvious here … this kit took some serious inspiration from the LP720-4 evolution, but MVM went further with additional fins and best of it all … a clear carbon fiber finish on these parts.

While on the factory original LP720-4 the front bumper and rear section are satin black (one owner of an LP720-4 Roadster had these parts painted in glossy black which looks really great) MVM Automotive Design went for an ‘autoclave’ carbon fiber production … in fact they claim the design of these parts and the larger air intakes offer an increase of aerodynamic efficiency as high as 50% compared to the original Aventador.

The rear section of the MVM Aventador is totally different too, very open and finished in visible carbon fiber, this new design makes sure the engine cooling is much improved while a custom exhaust system will make the Bull roar even louder … they even offer a ‘Bi-Plane’ rear wing for additional down force, which you might need when you read about their engine preparation.

By modifying the engine management software and installing a new exhaust system the power output grows to 754hp at 8,300 rpm with a torque output of 750 Nm at 6,000 rpm … acceleration from standstill to 100Km/h takes 2.8 seconds while the top speed is 355 Km/h in this tune.

MVM Automotive Design claims to offer a twin turbocharger installation on the original V12 … power output will grow from the standard 700hp (515 kW) up to a massive 1,600hp (1,176 kW), at the same time the torque grows so high it has been electronically limited at 1,200 Nm … let’s talk some more figures here: acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in only 2.1 seconds while a top speed in excess of 370 Km/h is listed.

In fact MVM Automotive Design is claiming their Aventador will be able to gain the title of ‘Fastest Aventador in the world’ when they are finished with their testing on the track … how about a top speed of 420Km/h?

On some of the photos the wheels shown remind us of the ones used on the Reventon, only this time they’ve grown quite a bit, at the front MVM will install 9.0×20 inch with 255/30ZR20 tires while the rear receives 13x21inch with 355/25ZR21 rubber … note these wheels also feature carbon fiber insets to correspond with the aerodynamic parts.

The interior can be modified to the customer’s taste in style with what Mansory has to offer, different leather, custom stitching, lots of clear carbon fiber … just about everything is possible.

For more information you can get in touch with MVM Automotive Design at www.lamborghinituning.ru