Aventador by rowen japan - ランボルギーニ アヴェンタドール
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The Lamborghini Aventador has been in production for over four years now, both in Coupé and in Roadster form, and over 4,000 units have left the factory gates in Sant’Agata already, so it is safe to say the tuning scene has ‘adopted’ the current V12 flagship model with open arms, companies like DMC have been offering multiple aerodynamic packages for this amazing Raging Bull.

Japan has already seen a very impressive Aventador created by LB Performance with wide wheel arch extensions, but Rowen shows us that with some small touches you can really change the overall impression of the Lamborghini Aventador too.

Rowen Customizing innovation has released two versions of their package for the Aventador, one called the ‘Styling Kit’ that consists of parts in FRP while the second kit that is called the ‘Platinum Style kit’ is finished in FRP and clear carbon fiber … naturally the latter is a little more expensive, but in the end the prices quoted on their website are very reasonable if you ask me.

The Styling kit is listed at 1,130,000 JPY (converts to 9,500 USD) and consists of a deep front spoiler with additional side sections, an impressive side sill with additional intakes in front of the rear wheels and a stupendously beautiful lower rear diffuser with the usual vertical fins for increased stability. If you want the entire set in the carbon fiber finished from the ‘Platinum Styling kit’ you’ll have to part with 1,650,000 JPY which adds up to about 14,000 USD.

For 200,000 JPY (1,700 USD) you can get a very nice rear wing as an option (380,000 JPY or 3,200 USD in clear carbon fiber) while another 180,000 JPY (1,500 USD) will add a very nice and stylish inset for the rear air vent of the Aventador (350,000 JPY or 3,000 USD for the clear carbon fiber version) to really make the Rowen Aventador complete.

Now with an Aventador looking this great you really should do something about the sound emitting from those four factory standard exhausts … so Rowen offers a very intimidating ‘Heat Blue Titan’ premium exhaust system at 1,600,000 JPY (a hefty 13,500 USD) that will have you thundering down the road like a ferocious Bull … besides looking great with the blue anodized tips the sound is amazing too thanks to the valvatronic system and lightweight titanium construction … a movie clip with the wild roar can be found on YouTUBE.

(note USD conversion rate done at the time of writing, please check again if interested in this kit)